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New Moon in Aquarius with a whole load of other planets

New Moon in Aquarius with a whole load of other planets

Here we have an unprecedented New Moon New Year in Aquarius (The New Moon New Year being celebrated in Far Eastern Culture and Tradition) and as such this is an auspicious time!   We have just passed the marker of the Winter - Spring QuarterDay,  Imbolc,  as the water rises and in mythology Persephone is able to come back from the underworld to greet her mother the Earth with seeds kept dormant over winter in Pluto’s realm.  

So how many planets are there in Aquarius you may ask - well all the personal planets except for Mars.   Mercury being one of those is doing a double take just to make sure that all ground is covered in relation to all things that can innovate, inspire and shake up our sense of community by inspiring the Heart Self to shine through like chinks of light through the sky on a cloudy day.  Now is the time to reactivate that New Year feeling of hope and quickening energy.  

Cracks of light and inspiration to invent our future by using all our personal resources to the full.  

This new moon is a time to notice and begin the tending of our own seeds of intuition and inventions.  Collectively promoting our own individuality and in so doing this inspires the process of networking for the greater good.  In other words, can you display your greatest talents and inventiveness to the collective and in doing that inspire exponential growth.  After all there is an absolute synchronicity in the Sun and Moon conjunction at this time

Mars the only inner planet out of the Aquarian vibe is in Taurus prodding us for movement and action for the Earth and the sign of the body.  A time to remember and connect with nature and our natural rhythms.   Take a walk in nature to experience a kick start if you can, with so many planets in Aquarius the energy could feel very heady and frazzled.  Grounding exercises would be very good to do right now too.  
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