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Posted 02/04/2022 in Category 1 by Unique Kinesiology

New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries 1st April 2022

Did you ever do ‘ April Fools Day ?’  not sure now whether it has been banned – especially the pinch and punch!  

So April Fools Day, 1st April, always comes about when the Sun is in Aries – the Mars ruled sign of the Spring energy and this New Moon is coming just after the Equinox and before some really key alignments in the sky coming up in April.  All of which will have a relationship to us in our world on the ground.  

For anyone who would like to know where this New Moon is meeting their own unique birth chart please message me, as I have a Spring is Springing mini reading offer underway at the moment.

Here is the chart for the New Moon set for London 1st April.  Can you see that everything is bunched up in one quarter of the chart – there doesn’t seem much room for manoeuvre Mercury and the Moon will soon break out of the pattern and give us some room to explore.  But we do need to do the inner work now so that we are ready.

In Chinese Medicine the Spring time of year is related to the Wood element and the Meridians and organs of the Liver and Gall Bladder.  Interestingly Jupiter is the planet related to the Liver, and the Liver performs many functions many more than any other organ of the body.  It breaks things down and filters the blood, even making red blood cells as we sleep.   When we have difficulty sleeping through the night it can be that we wake up around 2 or 3 am and cannot seem to let go of the worries of the day.  
We are approaching the conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces – surely this is a perfect time to really and truly Think Big and Dream Big for our future and the Collective.  We have all learnt about the power of our thinking on the Quantum field and all mythology and esoteric and spiritual thought points us to the power of our innate being to create change.  Every day we see these posted on facebook in memes and powerful quotes from wise individuals throughout history – so what Aries kick up the backside is it going to take for us all to band together for one minute, two minutes or even longer, to bring a common goal of peace and happiness for all – Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.   

Many people are commenting about the incident at the Oscars this week – film making and fame being a very Piscean connection and genre – it grabs our imagination and we get carried away to a dream landscape, much needed escape in our political and global situation across the world.  Food for thought though if we consider that we can make our own movie reel while connecting to our deep and healing vision.   

We can see Chiron and Mercury in the same area of Aries as the New Moon – put simply we could say that here is an opportunity to see how we can heal and tend to each others wounds caused by the callousness of over aggression and to really communicate that in a deep and healing way.  Thus enabling the healing from Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces to begin a whole new cycle.  

We are all incredible beings of creativity and power capable of banding together in our spirit and minds to create change.

Would you like to find out how all of the shifts and changes may be affecting you? 

Connect with me today for a personal and in-depth reading.

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