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Full Moon in Leo 28 th January 19:16

Full Moon in Leo 28 th January 19:16

The cycle of time on the planet is now moving away from the energy of Capricorn as new structures are coming together and old ones are falling away, will the new structures serve the collective or the individual (Aquarius or Leo) .  

We now have an excess of planets in Aquarius, there are all bunching up in the sign of Innovation, invention, quirkiness, and the collective, humanity as a whole  but Aquarius energy can also carry the shadow aspect of abandonment and trauma (every sign and planet holds a shadow) and our task is to work or tune in to embody the energy of each sign in the highest vibration that we can.  This way the signs and planets can point us to the expression where we can forge ahead with our free will.  

Looking at the Full Moon Archetype first, the moon is full in Leo the sign of our Sovereign Self, our Heart which points us like our Inner Compass to create and shine.  The call is to feel our inner essence bursting forward to create something new in the fullness of time.  So consider what your heart is speaking, whispering or shouting to you.  Can this come forward in a creative project that will allow you to express your essence while at the same time benefiting the collective.  Can this be done with the Heart and courage of a Lion without pomp and ceremony and given with pure joy.  With any full moon emotions are running high and all planets currently placed in Aquarius, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn show a way to balance out this energy.  

This could be found in checking back on all the lightening bright ideas that you had over the last year, now is the time to go for it to innovate and invent.  This could also be in supporting others who have the bright ideas to get their cool and quirky, inventive projects off the ground.  Many people are mentioning the clashes of Mars and Uranus in Taurus and how volatile this could be, of course we live in uncertain times, one way we can bring our energy in to the mix is to consider that now is the time to jump out of our comfort zone and invent our new world.  Like a frog jumping out of a well, into the light, a bolt from the blue.   Tune in and jump. 

One exercise you might try is Thymus tapping (the area of the Higher Heart) while saying an affirmation that resonates with you, for example, ‘ I love and express my creative spirit’ .  Thymus tapping is done using a gently tap with one hand on the sternum in a clockwise direction. 

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