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Seeding 2021

Seeding 2021

This New Moon in Capricorn happened this morning 13th January at 5.01 UK time at 23 degrees of Capricorn. Significantly this degree of Capricorn picks up on the New Moon last year  on 24th January when Saturn and Pluto made a conjunction at 23 degrees Capricorn, the major difference being that at that time,2020,  the Sun and the Moon had entered Aquarius ( as a side note the New Moon in Aquarius is viewed in the East, in countries such as Vietnam as the New Year New Moon).  

We as a collective are not there yet and we are metaphorically and collectively at the trigger / pivot point of all that started last year.  It doesn’t take much to know what that means for us individually and collectively.  However, what we can do with regard to our own stance and energy is to take the principles of planting a new seed for 2021 in the depths of Winter.   

Capricorn energy gives us the solid foundation of the earth and a structure to plant.  Following that metaphor further do we need to dig up the old weeds that may strangle the new shoots, what in our psyche is still calling for a deep cleanse, healing and review.  It is not yet time to tend the shoots of new growth but to clear the ground to plant the new seed with Intention.  A perfect time for some clutter clearing with   Intention as the secret ingredient.

This New Moon can offer us a clarity of intention.  A good day to write lists of our intentions and goals for this cycle and then leave the list for a while and come back to it with purpose to  pick out those areas that really resonate with us and our deepest truth and conviction.  This New Moon is within a degree of Pluto the planet of Transformation and the Underworld.  

Here is a balancing idea that I am using today which I hope that you will find useful.  It is a Kinesiology technique based on Chinese Medicine which I use in my work as a Kinesiology teacher and practitioner.   This technique involves massaging two points either side of the naval about an inch away on either side.  These are called the  Alarm Points for the Large Intestine Meridian and help to release ‘over energy’ in this meridian.  In Chinese Medicine the Large Intestine Meridian is responsible for elimination of what no longer serves and therefore allowing us more space for inspiration.  

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