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The Holistic Directory aspires to connect YOU ..the therapist , to an abundance of readers who are searching for a Holistic Therapist/ Coach or holistic product/ service to support their journey of leading a healthier, happier lifestyle. 


What we offer 

We offer an exceptional Earth Package allowing you to plant the seeds for growth in your holistic business. 

With this full listing on our platform you will be able to:

 ADD your bio and all links to your sites.

 ADD articles & videos

 ADD your workshops/ classes 

 Network and connect with a like minded community which is growing and thriving daily.


How we can help 

Our mission is to take care of the marketing and promotion, so that YOU, the practitioner can support and guide your clients, doing what you do best.


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We have created a hub where people can find out about improving their health and wellbeing, connect, collaborate and share their gifts and inspiration.Please do head over our group The Holistic Journal & Directory Community to gain access to our community


Hi I'm Ruby Brown,  
What a journey of self discovery and personal development this has all been in bringing The Holistic Directory together with many stop- starts along the way. 

I have certainly had my own personal struggles with mental health, addictions and the myriad of knock on effects that felt insurmountable from layered trauma. 

Alcohol was my crutch for many years and chaos was it's sidekick, never ending cycles of turbulence ensued and finding my way back has been wild, and challenging, heartbreaking and heart-opening. 

I was never "enough of a problem" to be picked up by the system and continued to hold things together but at what cost.... burnt out and broken I began to find my way back. 

Finding tools for my own transformation has been a real work in progress but as many of us now know starting before you are ready is key in pretty much most things and It was with a hopeful heart I set about bringing together the best of the best in the world of health and well-being. 

These days I can mostly be found sipping on a Matcha (my new coffee kick) , chatting with the wise and the wonderful and sharing these incredible healing modalities with you. No one is coming to save us, our true empowerment lies in making these choices for a healthier, happier life and they are all here at your fingertips. 

I really look forward to connecting and communicating the messages of healing to you all. 

Hi I'm Avalon Rose, 

 My whole childhood I have been surrounded by holistic independent women, who all have open loving hearts for the holistic life, crystals, healthy food and a desire for growth. 

Being an only child, this allowed me to see different aspects of life and gather an understanding of holistic therapies. However, going through secondary school and college, I dis-owned this idea of life… I lost my way.

Going through some tough experiences, I have gained knowledge and insight on essential life lessons. I have managed to find myself back on the journey for a holistic lifestyle.

 I had to experience some tough lessons for me to realise, I am destined for a greater purpose, and that I have still have so much more self discovery to do.

 I am proud to be working alongside my mum, to see her grow through her own phases in life also and I look towards her to guide me through my own. 

To be able to build and grow something that we are both passionate about, I am forever grateful to even be able to experience this opportunity. 

I am glad to introduce myself as The Holistic Directory's graphic and content manager, and I look forward to bring even more positive ideas to the table  and connect with likeminded souls on this journey. 

Meet our Ambassador's

Kym Vincenty

Sometimes you meet certain people in your life who simply blow you away with their passion and genius. Kym Vincenti is one such person who I am so excited to introduce as one of our Holistic Directory Contributors. 

Kym is such a blessing to step through our doors as she brings her blend of continuous love and learning for all things health and well- being alongside her other zone of excellence as a Writer/ Author and Coach.  

Ben Butt

Ben has a passion for leading a healthy lifestyle and combining that with 22 years of experience in course building for wellness clients like Dr Klinghart and Carolyn Cowan he brings a wealth of knowledge as one of The Holistic Directory member support team. 

Ben has his own program called Legacy and as a Holistic Directory member you will gain early insights, hints and tips into how Legacy works and just how Ben can help your business evolve. 

Our Ambassadors are all huge nature lovers and spend a great deal of time connecting with this energy and Ben is no exception.  

Currently residing on the island of Ibiza and living a laptop lifestyle whilst pursuing his dreams of reaching and helping as many wellness business owners as possible. 

We love Ben and you can find out more by heading to his full listing below

Karen Stanley

Another fabulous contributor to join our HD team in 2022 is former deputy head and now ten times published author Karen Stanley. 

 We are really excited to be introducing a home schooling aspect to The Holistic Journal & Directory and Karen brings with her a multitude of skills such as  mindfulness writing which can be applied to both Adults and children alike. 

Karen supports writers and much like myself has a deep passion for nature and the environment so watch this space for all of the interesting and varied exercises and challenges she will have us doing. 

So wonderful to have Karen with us and once again you can find out more and all about Karen (and her trusty sidekick Mabel) on the link below. 

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