About us

Founded in March 2012, the Holistic Directory is the fastest-growing directory of holistic services in the UK, helping you find the best holistic treatment providers in your area.

A holistic approach involves looking at the entirety of a situation and working to find a lasting solution that takes into account the causes of the problem. Holistic therapies cover an extremely broad spectrum – from physiotherapy to healing, counselling to homeopathy - and the Holistic Directory aims to give the public an easy way to find the type of therapy that could benefit them.

For therapists and holistic businesses, the Holistic Directory also offers a community to share events, promotions and information. It is now the UK’s second largest diary for holistic events, and offers an impressive library of articles by practitioners.

Founder Sophie Jewry spotted the need for a website helping people to find local holistic practitioners. With a wealth of experience in graphic design, print and marketing, Sophie is also herself a holistic therapist. She has used these combined skills to create a dynamic and effective online platform.

“I felt there was something lacking in terms of an easy-to-use tool to help people find holistic therapists in their area,” says Sophie. “Health problems are on the increase, and we live in a world where there’s a huge amount going on all the time. I believe that the solution to a lot of modern-day problems is to create a balanced life.”

Sophie feels that our society is so used to looking for the short-term solution, that the underlying problems get overlooked. “There are so many ways you can look after yourself,” she says. “Sometimes we need to look outside the box of conventional medicine and find natural ways of improving health and wellbeing.”

Anyone can add events and articles to the site, and membership is affordable for businesses wanting a full business listing. Members can also access and offer special promotions and discounts. Sophie and her team also have a regular presence on social media sites.

“We have active Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, where we enthusiastically promote our members and their events. We’re hoping that more people will discover the holistic route to wellbeing – and we’re passionate about that, so it’s easy to shout about it! We're there to take care of the marketing and promotion, so that the practitioners can crack on with business.”

Plans are now in place to grow the directory: “We have loads of exciting plans for the future and will be packing the site with more features and benefits for users and businesses.”

Founder Sophie Jewry is delighted that therapists are finding the directory valuable and making active use of it.

“We’ve created a hub where people can find out about improving their health and wellbeing,” says Sophie. “It’s not about practitioners competing with each other – it can be a supportive network, and a place where therapists can get together to reach out to the public in an effective way.”

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