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How to create your listing?

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Finding your Dashboard 

Once you have logged into your account, you will be able to access your account on the TOP RIGHT hand-side of the web page.  Select the welcome button with your name to reveal and select the dashboard link.

Adding your details

On your Dashboard you will be able to add your contact details, profile/ logos, listing details and go into detail about your services. You can also manage reviews, leads and if needed change your password. 

Depending on your account - you can also update billing information for any reason.

Entering Contact Information

By entering your contact information, it allows customers and fellow entrepreneurs to help get in contact with you. You are also able to include your full bio. 

Adding Location

In your contact information section you are also able to add your location - this helps create a link with your customer on location. 

Add your socials 

We highly recommend taking the time to add your social media links/ information, as this allows helps your social medias reach a higher engagement. 

Adding your social media also helps create connections with others - therefore allowing customers to find you and your services easily. 

Adding/ Changing Profile Picture

Within this section you are able to upload your logo - but also a profile photo of yourself. This allows customers to identify who you are and creates a sense of personalisation. 

Add your Listing

Within the Listing Details, you are able to add your CV/ Brochure on your services - but also able to list your qualifications and details such as hours

About your Listing

The About section allows you to add a biography and some information on the services you provide. This allows you to connect with your customers.