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Posted 19/03/2022 in Category 1 by Unique Kinesiology

Spring Equinox – Aries Ingress. 20th March 2022

Spring Equinox – Aries Ingress. 20th March 2022

Chart set for the Ingress of the Sun into Aries from the perspective of London.

At this point we have equal day and night hours.  Metaphorically we have an equidistance of Light, Homeostasis and Balance, Yin and Yang.

As the Sun moves into Aries, the Moon is still in the sign of Libra but only just, before moving very shortly into the water sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Pluto.  The Moon will then be picking up the relative Martial energy.

If we look at the Water element in Chinese Medicine there are two meridians of Bladder and Kidney in this element.   Kidney and Bladder energy is related to condensed energy and the concept of Jing, or our essence.  The Water element is related to the Will and courage to act in the right way and at the right time with the spirit of right action born of wisdom.    

The Moon coming into Scorpio can help us to really ‘see’ and feel this state and help with the healing process as Scorpio is connected to a trine with the sign of Pisces.    Again it comes back to prayer, intention and tuning in to all that is hopeful and possible in our human condition.  

Sun in Aries bringing in the Fire Element, which could shine the light on where we are being hypnotised, you could say that in a Big Brother sense of course, but also it’s a great time to do a clear out of our own psyche.  It feels like the time to cut ties with a whole load of instilled karmic patterns on the mental plane.  After all Mercury is till bobbing about on the Piscean Waters with the Rulers of Pisces, what do they want to tell us in our Dream Space.   

Note to self:

  • Make an intention to ask for help through your dreams.  
  • Keep a notebook by the side of the bed to capture any insights.
  • Watch for symbolic signs throughout the day.
  • You may need to check these out with a trusted friend for clarity.

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