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Charlotte Barritt

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Levels 1 & 2 Silent Counselling (Non-Invasion Meridian Therapy)

About Charlotte Barritt

Hi, my name is Charlotte, I’m 37 years old and a mother of 2 girls. I would like to tell you a little bit about my journey into Silent Counselling and my own struggles with trapped negative emotions and feelings in a hope that my experiences and training can help you.

Throughout my adult life I have been interested in Holistic Healing and the various techniques available. I have experienced my own struggles with anxiety and depression, triggered by untreated post-natal depression after the birth of my first child. This led me to delve deeper into where these negative feelings come from and how they can be dealt with. I felt that establishing the root cause of where these negative emotions come from would be the first step in changing my mind set and, hopefully, feeling better about myself.

Many of the negative feelings we store inside us are deep rooted from childhood, and in some cases, past lives. Some feelings are learnt behavior and almost habitual in nature and can be very difficult to let go. I quickly learnt that I needed to tackle these negativities in order to progress but, having initially chosen the NHS route with limited success, I decided to explore other avenues. It was at this point that I was made aware of Silent Counselling. I chose to train as a Silent Counsellor as the process made the most sense to me. We all have a level of negativity in our lives but, it is how it is dealt with that matters. Why should I allow negative, trapped feelings and emotions to consume me and affect the way I live my life? The simple answer is, I shouldn’t.

The beauty of Silent Counselling is that it is non-invasive and can be used alongside other treatments and therapies. It is all too common these days to rely on prescription medications which simply mask symptoms rather than tackle the root cause, that’s where Silent Counselling comes in!

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