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Submitted by Claire on 10/08/2022

Amazing Access Bars session

Overall Rating

I received an Access Bars session from Donna and it was a truly blissful, wonderful experience - deeply relaxing in a way that nothing else can achieve. I could really feel the busy thoughts and heavy, negative, crappy stuff that I was holding onto just melt away. As a healer myself, it's really important for me to find someone I can trust to support my own wellbeing, and Donna is phenomenal to receive sessions from.Donna is so gentle and nurturing, yet incredibly potent.  I would highly recommend having Access Bars or any other sessions she offers - truly life-changing!

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Energetic Facelift & Body Touch

Having depression, insomnia and a form of body dysmorphia I chanced upon a post on Instagram from Donna Marie Morgana regarding Energetic Facelift & Body Touch. I booked a 90 minute session and met with Donna on 2nd August. I lay on her couch and she began to work her magic on me. Within minutes all the noise and stress that usually filled my head were gone, it was quiet and I had a calm, peaceful feeling. When the session was over I felt refreshed and revitalized, the tiredness was gone and I was positive for the future. Later, where normally I would laze on the sofa on my day off with no energy, I walked into town and did some shopping. That night I had the best sleep I'd had in years. Where before, if I was starting work midday I would stay in bed until about 10.30, I now get up early, do some gardening, housework or just relax with some music, no longer wishing the days away. I am also more accepting of my appearance. I would recommend Energy Facelift & Body Touch 100%.

Submitted by Wayne Nevin on 07/08/2022