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Posted 07/03/2023 in Category 1 by Unique Kinesiology

Full Moon In Virgo

Full Moon In Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo at 12.40pm London


This Full Moon in Virgo is at 16 degrees of Virgo, a balancing point midway in the sign.  The Sun is directly opposite in Pisces, which speaks of the balancing nature of every full moon but in this case the Pisces Virgo axis.    More on that later in another article.

The Full Moon today has a resonance with the connected New Moon in Virgo back in September 2021.    This gives us a clue about what seeds may have been sown back then.  I have been investigating my emails back to around 7th September 2021 and have found some interesting things that I started then.   Some have grown into fruition and others quickly fizzled out.   We can look with discernment now at what is relevant and what is not.   Harvest metaphors are always very useful when talking about Virgo energy and especially Full Moons.   

Collectively, we have all been experiencing the pandemic to one degree or another.    Also, all the other areas of chaos and war across the globe are effecting many people.   There is a lot of healing that needs to be done as well as letting go of what no longer serves.   This time has been full of personal and collective trauma.    


Questions for healing could be.

  • Do you have a non stop record or voice in your head which needs addressing.
  • What mental loop may be playing that is holding you back from fullness
  • What healing modalities do you love that can help you to ground your energy fully.
  • Is journaling helpful or not
  • Is talk therapy something that helps you or not.  Everyone is unique and one size does not fit all.
  • Can you do some energy releasing and grounding.

I could write about this full moon for a while actually but need to stop to get on with the day.    One step at a time.

Saturn is following on shortly into Pisces within the hour  ….. I will be writing about that too later on.

If anyone would like any tips or hints as where and how to work with the full moon in your chart, alongside energy medicine and healing modalities please get in touch.  My email address is tha.chaplin@btinternet.com