About my service

Cinnabar Dr, Nanaimo, BC V9X, Canada

Why Spiritual Healing? 

Spiritual Healing and Guidance Reading helps with: 

  • Releasing blocks to the subconscious mind to help promote equilibrium 

  • Breaking down negative habits such as: Addiction, Health Abuse, and Childhood Fears 

  • Releasing old patterns: unsuccessful relationships, repeating mistakes, and emotional frustration

  • Think of me as the road sweeper helping you clear your life path free of the debris that no longer serves a useful purpose 

  • Overcoming Your self-imposed fears and limitations: 

    • Depression 

    • Letting go of the past 

    • Held grudges 

  • Raising your auric and physical energy fields: 

    • Changing negative thoughts into positive ones 

    • Greater access to your Inner Healer and Happiness 

  • Reaching your potential:  

    • Encouraging you to achieve your dreams

    • Enhancing your confidence and beliefs. Improving your health: Facing health challenges effectively. 

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Cinnabar Dr, Nanaimo, BC V9X, Canada

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