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Submitted by Bruno on 09/02/2021

Professional and Unique Service in Central London

Overall Rating

Professional and unique treatment in central London. As professional dancer I need to center my body and power my energy up over than strengthening my muscles. Whatever you need, floor barre, massage or an healing session, you came to the right place!

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Vortex Healing

 I have been receiving distance VortexHealing session from Mara for about 5 month now. I can say in all honesty it had a huge impact in my overall quality of life and in my relationships. Mara is attentive and she will listen to you with an open heart and mind while discussing the session. I have tried other energy work but so the technique she uses I find to go very deep and works magnificently. Thank you Mara!Adriana

Submitted by Adriana on 11/02/2021

La migliore.

I am a physiotherapist, I find Mara to be above everything professional and knowledgeable with her massage skills. She is also a very elegant and well mannered woman. She have a funny personality and a very easy to get along with.  I also received an energetic healing from her and I found it to be really helpful. I would strongly recommend her.

Submitted by Matteo Berta on 09/02/2021


I received a Tuina massage from Mara. The session was incredible. She is a very talented and intuitive healer. She was able to accurately identify and release major knots that were causing issues in my shoulder, neck and back. I’ve had many massages before but none come close to how effective these sessions are. 

Submitted by Jay on 08/02/2021