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Herberowe Candles are made from 100% natural wax - a blend of coconut and rapeseed waxes that contains no chemicals, additives, beeswax, soy, or toxins of any sort. 

Soothe (rose) Relax (lavender) and Indulge (vanilla). The wellbeing range all contain essential oil blends and include Nurture (lavender and chamomile and clary sage) Inspire (geranium and lemongrass) Invigorate (orange and bergamot) and Gorgeous (geranium and rose). 

We also have a range of fragranced natural wax tablets that can be used to fragrance your home and linen.

Our waxes and fragrances are suitable for vegans and our candles have a long-lasting clean burn. They do not create soot and there is little or no waste. Any wax that is left can be added to your compost bin.
We use the highest quality ingredients that are sourced from sustainable suppliers and make a donation to MIND for every candle we sell. We have recently been approached by a charity headed by a high-profile actor and have been asked to make candles for their charity's website which is very exciting!

All candles come gift-wrapped either in a box or a re-useable linen bag. All our packaging can be reused or recycled and we encourage all our customers to re-purpose their candle jars after they have enjoyed their candles.