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Tracey Chaplin, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist and HeartMath Coach.

I have always had a keen interest in health , well being and Eastern Philosophy, religion and spirituality  and how this coincides with our Western traditions.  

I love to find the areas of overlap.  The Eastern philosophies have always kept the fundamental area of health at the forefront of their traditions in the forms of Ayurvedic Medicine and Chinese Medicine.  These have had and are continuing to influence and leaven not only our areas of complimentary health but also the more traditional Western medical areas are taking on some of this knowledge as well.  It is my belief that both areas can support our understanding, health and well being.    

Eastern medicine tends to be more holistic in nature as it encompasses the fundamental nature of life from its building blocks on an elemental level and this can provide so many insights.  Eastern traditions have also been based on astrology and the study of the cosmos.  Western tradition did practise this too but was lost a few hundred years ago.  

I studied Comparative Religion for my degree and have continued to explore this area of knowledge.  This has led me to qualifications in Reflexology, Touch for Health, Creative Kinesiology and Astrology - all of which inform this interest and have developed my offering to my clients. 

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