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Emotional Detox

Save £100 on five Emotional Detox sessions that would normally cost £600.

Emotional Detox
, London
Tel: 07973 780 852 UK
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Offer expires: This offer does not expire!


All services are globally accessible with face to face, Skype and telephone sessions.Clients invariably have at least  5 hrs of Emotional Detox session time to help them through current life challenges or deal with issues from the past. The £500 discount offer is a flexible deal, that allows you to use your money on any of the services. For instance you can allocate some of your payment for Energy Clearing bewteen therapy sessions for extra support.

Call me, on 07973 780 852 for a free intial conversation to find out how I can help. For up to date information on all the services, visit www.emotional-detox.com

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