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Tao Meditation Arts
Islington, London
Tel: 07411418018
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The body is basically a bag of integrated pieces from the standard Western medical view. If there is dysfunction in one area or part, you treat that symptom with little consideration of the larger framework so long as what is “broken” gets fixed.

From an Eastern perspective, the body is one coherent whole that is controlled and operated by the mind through the medium of energy. When your energy is depleted, your body breaks down. When your energy levels are high, your body functions optimally. The study of energy is how our ancestors approached health and well-being, and people all over the planet are rediscovering this ancient wisdom.

I’m Paul Cavel, founder of Tao Arts London, and I teach systematic and progressive Tao meditation and energy arts practices that have been used for millennia by hundreds of millions of people to obliterate stress, increase core body strength and provide all that is needed to maintain vibrant health through all stages of life. No matter what your present state of health, it is possible to experience relief from physical and emotional pain, as well as negative emotions and thoughts.

All the practices I teach—simple energy exercises, known as "qi gong", tai chi, bagua and Tao meditation—are adapted to the needs of the modern person since training must fit into busy lifestyles. I have been teaching and personally coaching high-performance types since 1995, and have observed amazing transformations in students and clients who put in a little bit of sustained effort to accurately practise exercises that simultaneously work on the mind, body and core energy.

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