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25% Off Your First Session Of Spiritual Counselling

Find Clarity, Peace & Harmony Within Yourself

Shamanic Healing & Bodywork by Jag Lysander Reaves
Finchley, London
Tel: 07958 561467
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25% Off Your First Session Of Spiritual Counselling

Why Spiritual Counselling?

What Benefit Would It Give To You?

Most of us, in at least some area of our lives, are unclear; unmotivated; stuck; struggling; desperate; in a word, lost.

We need clarity in ourselves, clarity which will lead us to finding renewed direction, purpose and happiness. This often begins simply with understanding our current life situation, where we are stuck and unhappy and how this has come to be. This understanding emerges from connecting with the truth inside of ourselves.

Expanded awareness of ourselves allows for clear decisions to be made, decisions rooted in the wisdom of knowing our heart's desire, as opposed to the usual non-decisions that are directed by our mind and the internalised desires of others.

At certain times in our lives, we all need to reach out to others for help, help in finding the clarity within ourselves. In this asking, this coming together for a shared purpose, we create a field in which real change can happen.

Working with each client, and their inner knowing, I help to illuminate the truth of their situation and what they need in that moment.

I use different tools within my spiritual counselling practice, however, the aim is always the same - to help you find greater truth, joy, freedom and love in your life.

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In addition to my offer of 25% off your first session

(that's £52 instead of the usual £70 per hour)

and to encourage a commitment to yourself, and to moving forward in your life,

I also offer 1 free session if you book and pay for 4 sessions in advance

How to claim this offer

Simply contact me, by phone or email, quoting Holistic Directory Offer

Terms and conditions for this offer

Open only to new clients

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