15% off Face The World Facial Massage Training

A Unique Holistic Beauty Treatment

Face The World is a revolutionary and patented holistic facial massage that will take your clients on a blissful multi-sensory Journey around the world.

A Face The World ‘Journey’ is a carefully choreographed and timed experience that takes your clients to four amazing countries and an Ocean Rain skin drench during the same facial treatment. For each stage of the facial the products, fragrances, choreographed sequences and blissful music have been developed specifically to each represent a different country.

Face The World is a fully patented and accredited treatment that focuses on delivering premium, results-driven and paraben-free nourishment for the skin - as well as a holistic experience designed to pamper the senses and enlighten the soul.

The course is accredited with The Holistic and Beauty Guilds and leads to an insurable Diploma worth 16 CPD units. Our tutors are based around the UK and can travel to you. You can also choose your own training date.

To find out more about the course you can visit our website: http://www.face-the-world.co.uk/categories/Internet-Shop/Face-The-World-Facial-Course/

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