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Somatic Movement Workshop

Start Date
16/01/2021 09:30 am
End Date
16/01/2021 11:00 am
Somatic Movement Workshop
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Have you heard the term muscle memory?

Our muscles remember movements and so make them easier to do and make us better at a task the more we do it. Making it less of a conscous movement/task.

The same happens when we experience stress or trauma, our body stores it, the more it happens the more stored it becomes.

Think about when you get a fright and your body responds with jumping, maybe your stomach does a jump. You body can become tight and rigid. The nervous system makes the body respond to the fright. Fight, Flight or Freeze.

These 'jumps' stay stored in our body. They cause tension, poor digestion, breathing problems, headaches and many more issues.

This workshop can help you.! All of us have had stress at some stage of our lives.

We will connect, ground, listen, move, release, open and receive. There is also the option to journal during the session if that works fo you. A workbook wil be sent out before the session to help you prepare and integate 'stuff' after the session.

Would this make a great gift for a loved one??

There is no basic required fitness level for this session. Come as you are, in comfotable clothing and with space to lie on the floor and make a star shape. You don't have to have your video on, just watch us and enjoy your movement in you own space! 

There will be a recording for everyone registered if you can't make it live and to follow long with later. 

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