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Specialist and confidential advice and support for women wishing to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally and Fertility coaching to help you positively navigate your fertility journey during IVF, Donor and Adoption. Skype consultations available UK wide at a day and time to suit you.

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Able to help with:

  • Fertility
  • Life Coaching
  • Natural Fertility
  • Natural Health
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Women’s Health & Wellness

Your Fertility Journey offers you various options for the different stages of your fertility journey. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally, going through IVF/Donor/Adoption etc or wanting to learn about natural contraception as your choosen method of contraception, Your Fertility Journey is here for you.

Natural Fertility Consultations

  • Are you trying for a baby?
  • Are you struggling to conceive?
  • Do you feel that nothing is happening or you’re starting to worry that something is wrong?
  • Do you want to get pregnant quickly and naturally?
  • Do you feel you have no-one to talk to who understands?

Don’t worry! Help is right here.

Your Fertility Journey is the perfect place to discover the fertility and lifestyle knowledge that will maximise your chances of conceiving and help you along your personal fertility journey.

Find out more about what's involved in a consultation 

Fertility Coaching

  • Are you constantly stressed and worry what impact this is having on your ability to conceive?
  • Are you struggling to maintain a positive mind-set whilst navigating your fertility journey?
  • Do you feel you have lost control of what’s happening to you?
  • Do you feel that life is on hold and all about conceiving?
  • Do you feel you have lost sight of who YOU are individually or as a couple?
  • Do you feel cheated or is resentment is starting to creep in?

Fertility coaching helps you to achieve a more positive mind-set and regain a sense of purpose and hope. It can support you along the path towards your ultimate goal and help your dreams become a reality.

Many women feel they loose a sense of self whilst trying to conceive. Fertility coaching puts you firmly in the driving seat and empowers you to take control.

Why not find out more about how I can help you by booking your complementary 30 minute telephone coaching session here?

Natural Contraception

  • Are you looking for an effective method of contraception you can trust?
  • Have you tried different contraceptives and found nothing that suits you?
  • Are you worried about the side effects of hormonal contraception?
  • Do you want to find a contraceptive that doesn’t interfere with sex?
  • Do you care about the environment and want to lead a more natural lifestyle?

If taught by a qualified fertility practitioner and used correctly, the method of natural contraception taught is up to 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy (FPA 2010).

I teach and help you to understand your menstrual cycle and what your body is telling you.

I help you to feel empowered and take control of your fertility, naturally and healthily to avoid unwanted hormonal side effects.

Your Fertility Journey is the perfect place in which to confidentially learn how to use this effective, safe and completely natural method of contraception.

Read more about Natural Contraception and why you should choose it here.



Registered Nurse Specialist (RN)
BSc (Hons) Sexual Health
Qualified Fertility Practitioner
Qualified Personal Coach
Qualified Family Planning Nurse Specialist


Natural Fertility Consultations:

Initial Consultation (1 hour): £70                   Subsequent Consultations: £50

Fertility Coaching Packages:

Various Coaching packages available

Natural Contraception Consultations:

Initial Consultation (1 hour): £65                   Subsequent Consultations: £45


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