We sell beautiful crystals at great prices! We teach you how to use them! We unify healing modalities to create a Unified approach to healing!

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On-Line Crystal Shop, Crystal Therapy and Crystal Workshops

You want to know more about crystals but are not sure where to go, look no further!!

Our on line crystal shop will provide you with excellent quality crystals at great prices, support and information from our fully qualified crystal therapist and tutor, and the opportunity to come along and learn more on our popular crystal workshops.

If you are a crystal therapist then you will love our crystals, we have sourced our crystals from around the country and overseas to select the best from the best.  Being crystal therapists ourselves we have a selection of working crystals and can advise you on how to use them.

If you collect crystals but don’t use them in therapies you too will love our crystals. We work to select among rare and unusual crystals and great quality more common crystals.

We have launched our brand new crystal therapy course that has been written to give you an in depth understanding in crystal therapy.

When you finish this course not only will you be a fully qualified crystal therapist but you will have gained experience, understanding & knowledge in a large tool box of techniques that have worked time and time again to help people with many complaints and also being trained in new techniques that can not be found in any other course.

The course is in two parts, part one is the Practitioner level 1, it runs for 6 weekends, one weekend each month for 6 months. Once completed you will gain a crystal therapy diploma that will enable you to get insurance and to set up your therapy business. You may wish to proceed onto the advanced practitioner level, another 4 weekends again one weekend each month for four months, to further your knowledge, understanding and learn more techniques that will enhance your therapies. However, this is optional and there is no obligation or pressure.

The course costs £100 per weekend which includes two full days teaching, a module booklet for each module 6 in total for the Practitioner course, a further 4 for the Advanced, light refreshments and on going support throughout the month when practising at home.

We do not believe in big end assessments day, our experience has taught us they cause anxiety & stress, this is not the emotions we wish to summon in any of our students at any point in their studies. Therefore the groups are kept to a maximum number of 6 students per group so that students and their progress can be observed and monitored in a safe environment. If we feel any of our students need extra help getting to grips with a technique or part of the course, they will be offered extra tuition free of charge.

You get to experience the techniques you learn as well as practising them so you know how your future client will feel. We also want you to build confidence working with people you do not know, lets face it, you want to learn this therapy to take it out to people who need and want your help, by us bringing in people you do not know to work on it will help build confidence. This is not done until later in the course.

We are a professional course and take our studies seriously, we do require students to practise the healing sequence given in between weekends, each student will have to complete 12 case studies to achieve their Practitioner Level One Diploma.

All students, no matter when they decide to finish their studies, will continue to receive on going full support from us to assist them on their path.

This course will inspire you, motivate you, help you progress along your spiritual path, give you the tools to help others, deepen your spiritual understanding, meet like minded people which more often than not turn into great friendships and the opportunity to have a lot of fun while you learn.

Although we are serious about our training, and you can expect a very professional approach to your learning, we are, however, light hearted and fun people, you can expect to thoroughly enjoy learning with us.

If you would like to come and meet us in person before you book, please do not hesitate to call Lynne on 01572 821187 to book a convenient time to come over and peruse our teaching space.

We are very excited to meet all of our new students, you have found us for a reason, let the journey of discovery begin..........

£100 deposit will secure your place on our next course.

Contact Lynne on 01572 821187 if you are looking for a specific crystal, you would like to find out more about crystals, would like to come to one of our popular one day workshops, or become crystal therapist.









The Rose School Advanced diploma in Crystal therapy
The Rose School Post-graduate certificate in Crystal Therapy
Crystal Energy Release Therapy
Unified Healing Level One
Unified Healing Level Two
Unified Healing Level Three
Higher Dimensional Healing



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