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Able to help with:

  • Angel Healing
  • Angelic Counselling
  • Answers
  • Aura Clearing
  • Aura Reading
  • Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Business Help
  • Career Coaching
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Clairvoyant
  • Coaching
  • Conscious Money Management
  • Decision Making Guidance
  • Distance Healing
  • Energy Clearing
  • Energy Healing & Insight
  • Energy Therapies
  • Energy Workshops
  • Esoteric Healing
  • Financial Counselling
  • Flower Essences
  • Flower Therapy
  • Guided Focusing
  • Intuitive Counselling
  • Intuitive Energy Healer
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Karma Release
  • Lightworking
  • Magnified Healing®
  • Medical Intuition
  • Meditation
  • Mediumship
  • Music Therapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Empowerment
  • Personal Transformation
  • Personal Wellness
  • Phone Consultations
  • Psychic Counseling
  • Psychic Readers & Advisors
  • Psycho Educational Groups
  • Anxiety Management
  • Raising Self Esteem
  • Rape Recovery
  • Sacred Space
  • Soul Work & Therapy
  • Sound Therapy
  • Space Clearing
  • Spirit Release
  • Spiritual Counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Transformational Counseling
  • Vibrational Energy Release
  • Wealth Dynamics
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Workshops & Classes

This is your most important life yet! 
If you're not happy, get some help, change your thinking and don't accept the struggle any longer!
Don't settle for second best!

You're worth it!

I'm here to help, and my mission is to empower YOU, so that you can move on from all the hurts of the past, and out of the old habits and negativity.

This site is full of useful ideas and information to help you, whether it's getting healing for yourself or your home, travelling into the past lives or even into your future life 5, 10, 15 years or even far into the future to meet your future self.

About Me

Hi, and welcome to my spiritual business.  My name is Alison Mascarenhas,  I’m a Psychic, Spiritual Healer, an Aura Therapist, Future Life Progressionist and Past Life Regressionist. I’ve worked in this healing for 10 years, but  I’ve been aware of Spirit for the last 35 years, and have studied and trained in several esoteric and alternate health modalities.

I come from a psychic family background, and grew up in the heart of the countryside, playing in fields and streams.  I've always had a keen interest in things 'out of the ordinary'!

My business aims are to empower people by releasing them from their past, their fears, doubts and concerns, and to enable them to feel they can achieve true lasting happiness.

My offerings are for personal or business clients, and include tailored courses for groups.

  • Aura clearings and private spiritual coaching
  • Aura clearing for land and property
  • Past life regression
  • Future life progression
  • Psychic toolbox for business owners/leaders
  • Self Empowerment courses

I work with the aura and chakras, removing old stuck energy, cords, contracts, vows and limiting beliefs. I use a variety of techniques for this, including working with the sub-personalities, archetypes, breathwork and visualisation. I go into your past and also past lives and remodel those experiences to help you claim back your power.  The results are immediate and stunningly wonderful.

I do all this in a safe, sacred space and work directly with your higher self and guides. I heal all wounds with golden light and love directed through me from both our guides, who only want the best for you.

I will teach you how to ground yourself with a choice of techniques, and also how to remove limiting thoughts and poor self esteem.

I open up your pathways to heaven and earth, and connect you to your own vast spiritual nature.

I can work all over the world, thanks to technology and the power of the mind!  All of this work can be done face to face, over the telephone or Skype.  I also do international work.  I can run day, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly courses and am able to travel to your location within a 2-hour drive from Huntingdon or Manchester.

I also offer aura cleansing of property and land, complete with typed report.

I work with orchid essences and other flower/animal essences as enhancers to your healing.
I'm a member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) Mind for mental health,and am fully insured.

What is Aura Clearing?

Working with my Angelic Guides, I offer Transformational Aura Clearing as an effective method of eliminating the effects of old sorrows and negative experiences, both from the current life and past lives. This will free up new energy in a person and enable healing of your etheric or invisible body, resulting in a happier mood.

The process can also entail removing 'cords' of energy within the aura from those who wish to control our behaviour. Such cords are frequently found between members of the same family, people with whom we've had close personal and work relationships.

Occasionally I go to the Akashic Records, a type of spiritual library where all your past deeds are recorded. If you've made vows or contracts in the past (including past lives) which are now encumbering your progress in this life, I can help you understand and cancel them, thereby allowing new, more positive thought processes. This all takes place within a safe sacred space, so no harm can come to you. You simply sit in a chair and respond to any questions that might arise. Usually I do most of the talking, as I tell you what's going on in your life from an 'energetic' point of view. Once all the blockages have been cleared and beautiful healing rays shone into your aura from the Spirit Guides, you will feel completely different and renewed.

How Past Lives Influence Us

PAST LIFE EXPERIENCES INFLUENCE US in numerous ways. Other instances of unwanted energy can come from past life experiences where things were not resolved happily and you still feel those issues with certain individuals in your life today.

It can take many forms, but some of them are: feelings of hostility, wanting to control or being controlled, or inability to do something for some unknown reason. For example, a mother who felt their grown up child’s partner wasn’t able to care for them adequately, discovered that in a past life the mother and child had shared a brief time together before the mother had lost the child as a baby. She blamed herself for neglect, and subconsciously held the belief in her current life, that she had to be extra vigilant and no-one could be trusted to prevent the loss of life recurring.

After explaining this to my client, she was able to feel she could let go of the apron strings, and let her daughter live her life with her partner, in the knowledge that this anxiety was no longer serving either of them.


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For men and women

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Other information

a new set of offerings tailored especially to the areas in our life where we feel least secure and successful:

  Unlocking the secrets of attracting abundance and
  removing your mental blocks to money
  Romance and relationship realignment
  Work and creativity
  Stress limitation and control

See the New Offerings page for further details. http://www.springboardyourlife.co.uk/new-offerings.php



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