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07846 824364 

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Peace Ravenwood invites you to come and explore Sacred Lomi Lomi, traditional old style Hawaiian bodywork to release physical, emotional and spiritual stagnation, leading to a feeling of deep relaxation and bliss.

About Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi

This is a method and system of massage which has its roots in a tradition which is hundreds of years old. It has been a protected, sacred practice, kept strict in its content by the passing on in a lineage form, from master to disciple, always in a one to one apprenticeship. This was kept very strictly in the blood line of family, except in rare cases. In ancient Polynesia, up until the arrival of the missionaries, this practice flourished, and nurtured the entire population. But then the “old ways” came under attack, and all of the Polynesian spiritual culture had to go “underground”. Thus the old ways became veiled in secrecy, and became even more secret in its teachings. Kahuna is a title given to “one who has mastered the secrets”, or “keeper of the secrets”. The word or title “Kahuna” (one word) is considered to hold tremendous power or “Mana”, and is used in a hushed tone, reverent and holy. It is known that a true Kahuna will never admit to being such a one, and one who does, has no Mana.

This way or method is much more than a bodywork therapy, it’s also a philosophy that transforms the recipient in ways that go far beyond the body and mind. The channeled life force or Mana comes through the practitioner, or vessel, and flows throughout the entire being on every level, down to the cellular construct. As my teacher would constantly say, “Where there is Light, darkness cannot exist. Introduce the Light….. you are a Lighthouse”.

“Old Style” combines almost endless technique, with “the laying on of hands”, both in passive mode and active massage of Lomi Lomi. Always with the open hand, rhythm is paramount, the strokes are continuous, rhythmic, and ultimately hypnotic, which acts to bring the mind to a place of absolute stillness. This “sanctuary” of the quiet mind is where true healing manifests. It is important to note that this state of “stillness” is experienced during treatment by both therapist and recipient. The goal of this method is to enable the practitioner to work from an understanding, that he or she is merely an instrument, through which life force or Mana is allowed to flow into the recipient. Integral in this teaching is the daily practice of meditation and prayer. 95% of most massage and healing modalities teach technique with very little or no guidance with the “inner work”, thereby being only a technique which is personalized and muddied by the ego mind construct. With the “Old Style” the emphasis is that one is simply a “vessel” or a “flute”, through which the healing Light of the Divine flows. This is a sacred teaching, rooted in tradition, inspired by the Light of Source. This is the way of the heart.


In Harmony with bodywork, Peace is also a certified Living Foods Health mentor, Raw Chef and Detoxification Practitioner.

An advocate of a simplistic raw lifestyle which brings our bodies into natural homeostasis, Peace shares the 'how to's' of the raw lifestlye and debunks many of the current trends that those new to eating raw often take up - "eating a high fat raw diet is very easy to do, with all the flax crackers, nut heavy dips and raw desserts we are led to believe we can eat and yet, it is far less healthy to eat this way".

Eating from Nature is by far the most simple thing we can gift to the body - and Peace can show you just how to do this!




Opening hours
by appointment only
Female therapist(s)
For men and women
Car parking
Own car park / 10 or more cars / Free


Certified Raw Chef and Living Foods Health Mentor
Certified Detox Mentor
Level 1,2 &3 certified Traditional Old Style Lomi Lomi practitioner


Full Body Massage £70
Half Body (front or back) £50
Upper back, neck and shoulders £35
Legs and feet £25
Head, face and shoulders £25

Therapeutic Touch workshops - learn basic massage techniques for self care - bespoke service.

Pamper Days per person £160 - please inquire for full details.

Retreat Massage Practitioner Hire - details on request.

Personal Chef engagements by arrangement - bespoke living foods created in your own home either with or without your participation - makes sense to learn whilst you eat!  From £150 per day.

Retreat catering - on request - please inquire - fees per day £100 plus all ingredients.


£10 discount on ALL first sessions of Lomi Lomi massage

Lower rates for those on restricted incomes - please inquire to apply

Other information

Peace holds monthly retreat days where you can come and find out more about living foods and how to bring more raw health to your life.
She also holds retreats in Spain, Australia and Hawaii.

Peace also offers massage at several festivals around the UK.

Currently she is studying Nutritional Therapy (practitioner diploma) and is attending the International School of Detoxification for more in depth certification.
Once her training has ended updates will be added

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