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Help Your Cellves: Want to get your health and life on track? Looking for tips and ideas to do that? We love to hunt out & share nuggets with you to get you on your way.

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Specialising in optimum health, beautiful skin and personal freedom, Help Your Cellves aims to give you key information and support, so you can make the changes that will turn your life and health around by starting at the very foundations of all life - the cells.

If your health and lifestyle is already good but you feel there could be improvements, we have tips and ideas you may not be aware of that can take you to the next level.

We are always on the hunt for top cutting edge products and gems, which we want to share with you with so you can fill your life with your dreams.

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To find out more please visit the website or call Sara on 01603 383410


Other information

Sara has worked for over 20 years in the health and wellness areas.  Trained in many therapies including counselling,nutrition and holistic health, she formerly ran a natural therapy centre in Harrogate and helped set up a spa and wellness retreat in France. Sara has been taught over the years by many highly talented and gifted people and has a passion for sharing what she has learnt and, most importantly, experienced for herself, with others so that they also can benefit themselves from knowing how to have vibrant health and wellness.

Sara now spends her time working with those who want to improve their health, skin and life by getting back to the basics of what cells need in order to function optimally.

A key in this area has been Sara’s experience with ASEA, the world’s first and only redox signalling supplement. ASEA is changing lives everywhere for those who drink it.  Never before have we had such a tool for health, well being, fitness and anti-aging at our disposal.  When combined with top quality nutrition the results are astonishing.

To find out more please visit the website or call Sara on 01603 383410

More information on ASEA is here


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