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Dr Bimal Patel More details

Caduceus Magazine Elite

Midhurst, West Sussex | Telephone: 01730 816799

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Bioenergetic Wellness Basic

London, Greater London | Telephone: 020 7060 7290

Bio-energetic health screening service using state of the art technology. Service includes full treatment with homoeoceutical remedies to strengthen items screened.

Herts EEG-Biofeedback Basic

Hoddesdon,, Hertfordshire | Telephone: 01992 451283

"Biofeedback is a powerful, painless and non-invasive mind-body training that can teach you to how use your mind to regulate your body "

Positive Health Basic

Kinross, Kinross-shire | Telephone: 01577 865533

Susan has been practicing transformational holistic therapist for 17 years. She combines qualifications in a range of related disciplines with considerable practical knowledge, wisdom and experience of healing modalities and the interactions through the physical body.