Bio-Energy Therapy

Caduceus Magazine Elite

Midhurst, West Sussex | Telephone: 01730 816799

An Authority On Healing And Spirituality Since 1987 More details

Tranquility Healing Elite

Worthing, West Sussex | Telephone: 07795 956245

I am a qualified BioEnergy Practitioner using the Domancic Method. It is a complementary therapy using hands on/hands off methods to enable the body to heal itself. The body 's self healing abilities are amazing and I can help the body jump start its own healing process for any conditions/illnesses. More details

Bioenergy healing practitioner Basic

Greater London, Greater London | Telephone: 07587026027

Natural, pure healing, suitable for adults, elderly, children, babies, during pregnancy and animals. No side effects, just gentle bio energy, life force itself to improve physical and mental health conditions, simple to serious.

Holistic and Mystic Mind, Body, Soul Fair Basic

Surrey | Telephone: 01883 717069

Mind, Body, Soul Fairs in Surrey and Sussex

MarkdSutton Basic

Lymm, Greater Manchester | Telephone: 07983139566

Internationally known Biodynamic Trauma release therapist, supporting you to release trapped trauma and stress from the body .

Positive Health Basic

Kinross, Kinross-shire | Telephone: 01577 865533

Susan has been practicing transformational holistic therapist for 17 years. She combines qualifications in a range of related disciplines with considerable practical knowledge, wisdom and experience of healing modalities and the interactions through the physical body.

The Cosmiica Basic

Aberdeenshire | Telephone: 9889898007

Heal ur aura chakra mind karma planters codified past life scrying overall balancing of ur body