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Your Mind Spa

Your Mind Spa

Can you imagine all the benefits of a spa visit without the paper panties or having to be coated in a sticky brown substance that has none of the pleasures of chocolate?

In this spa you do not have to think about how to modestly cover up with a towel, or even have to shave your legs and worry about stragglers near your lady garden or man field. Where is this magical spa of freedom and pleasure? Does it really exist? Can I buy a voucher?

You don’t need to - this is Your Mind Spa and all you need to do is summon up your inner therapist so you can reap the benefits without a blush in sight. Most people visit spas in the quest for inner peace and relaxation but in reality bliss is already yours and I’m going to show you how.


If you like, you can make your inner spa experience more enjoyable by dimming the lights, lighting a candle and playing some restful music.

Make yourself comfortable and cosy ensuring you’ll be undisturbed for the duration of your 'spa visit'. I suggest a few minutes to begin with and build up the duration as you please.

Create in your mind a choice of rooms. Begin with a cool one that you can visit if your thermostat is running a little high.

Follow this up by adding peaceful, sensual and sensory rooms. The beauty of this spa is that it is exactly how you would choose it to be.

If you fancy deep red drapes with golden sashes in your sensual area so be it. Maybe you like the sound of trickling water while it caresses your skin in your cooling area. Or, how about a variety of colours and textures for your pleasure in the sensory room?

Words to Yourself

In your spa meditation you can use suggestions, affirmations and mantras in your mind or gently say them to yourself. They can always be the same or you can ring the changes to suit your mood and desires.

Here are a few:

Today is a good day

All is well

I am calm

I am soothed

I enjoy good health

The idea is not to trick yourself but to encourage your subconscious mind to take the ideas on as fact. When you create your own, always be in the present and use positive words or phrases. Using one word can encompass all such as, “peace”.

The Inner Massage

Here is a relaxation exercise for you to try.

Become aware of your breathing without altering it while thinking about the sensations and feelings that you associate with inner peace and calm. As you acknowledge the flow of your breath the rhythm will gently slow a little.

If you have chosen to play music allow it to wash over and through you. If you are revelling in quietness be aware of the silence in your mind. Should any thoughts float by just casually observe them and let them pass.

Choose your room - you can change it about if you like. It’s all yours free from rules.

Spend a few moments noticing where you might have any tension in your body. We can experience tightness for a variety of reasons ranging from anxieties and fears to anger and irritations. However, as with your thoughts, it is about casual observation and gentle awareness.

Imagine you are massaging and soothing every part of yourself from the inside out to the rhythm of your breathing and this process will relax away where most needed.

If you like you can imagine your perfect Adonis or Adonis-ess stroking your weary limbs and then lose yourself in a fantasy of bliss.

If you are using suggestions or affirmations now is the time. If you are not then relax and just be.

In your own time rest until you are sated. Each time you visit your spa the experience will be enhanced and, quite possibly there will be new rooms.

You may drift off to sleep or you can set an alarm before you begin so you only need to focus on you and not the time.


Photo by Camille Brodard ~ Kmile Feminine Creative Designer on Unsplash

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