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When Life Gives You Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons what should you do?

Use them for just about everything it would seem.

This sunny little fruit is packed with so much goodness, every store cupboard should  contain the dependable lemon.

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We thought we would bring you a round up of the top ten uses for lemons. 

In no particular order

Hard as Nails - lemons can really help strengthen your nails. Mix with some olive oil and give your nails a good scrub. Not only will they clean any staining of the nail but this will also help strengthen the nail itself.

Spot The Difference - Once a day (probably best at night last thing) you can cleanse your skin with the juice of a lemon to help treat acne.

 Beasties Be Gone - Lemons make for great insect repellents and are a super way to combat any army of ants or nasties wanting to invade your home. Simply wipe down any skirting boards or possible entry points and let the great power of the lemon do the rest.

Just Add Lemon - We all need to hydrate frequently. By adding lemon to your water not only are you making it more palatable but also assisting in detoxing your system. Lemons help to flush out any toxins in your body and cleanse your liver.

Foot Fetish - Make your feet fabulous by mixing brown sugar and lemon juice for a super little foot scrub leaving your tootsies smelling divine and well and truly pampered.

 And Breathe - Lemons are the epitome of clean. A quick gargle with a lemon juice mix will leave your mouth fresh and your teeth looking whiter than white.

All Too Much Of A Headache - If you are beginning to suffer with a headache try enjoying a cup of green tea and lemon to ease the pain.

 Bright Lights - Lockdown hair needing a natural boost? Look no further than your fruit bowl . Just a 1/4 cup of lemon juice applied to damp hair before heading out into the summer sun can assist in picking out some natural highlights.

Scrub Up - It's not just your feet that will benefit from a touch of lemon. This little fruit wonder is at it again and makes a fab exfoliant for an all over body scrub.

Never go out in direct sunlight after using as a scrub on your skin.  Be sure to have a shower or bath to remove any residue of the scrub after.

To Make Lemonade Of Course.