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The Ultimate In Luxury Wellbeing

The Ultimate In Luxury Wellbeing

Crystal & Rox is delighted to announce the launch of a new and innovative interiors concept for highly discerning home-owners. Based on the principles of Sacred Geometry, a bespoke grid from Crystal & Rox sees a curated array of ancient crystals inlaid in a panel of exquisite Italian marble. 

Tailored to a customer's specific requirements, the grid can be attuned to manifest heartfelt desires such as increased health, wealth or wellbeing. Based in London’s Mayfair and offering a global service, Crystal & Rox is the only company in the world to offer bespoke crystal and marble installations.

Founder Dr Bunmi Aboaba said: “The launch of our crystal grid service is the culmination of many years of work in this field and I'm so excited to be able to reveal this life-enhancing product.

“I have spent many years harnessing the powerful properties of crystals. I've helped my clients grow in self-belief, conquer their fears and dramatically improve their health and happiness. Now, I am finally in a position to offer the ultimate in luxury wellbeing services – a bespoke crystal grid which will bring harmony, energy and beauty into your home.”

Exclusively available from Crystal & Rox, the grid is a thing of profound beauty, creating a striking focal point on the wall, floor or ceiling of some of the world's most elegant interiors. Through a collaboration with the world's leading marble inlay specialist, Crystal & Rox creates a refined and sophisticated aesthetic by combining exquisite marble with the natural beauty of ancient crystals.

Bunmi said: “Crystals are such a powerful energy source and the vibrations they emit are truly life-changing. Our grids can help our high-profile clients achieve their goals and increase their sense of harmony and positivity. 

“For example, if a client is experiencing issues with reduced creativity I might include carnelian in their grid which is known for its power to boost energy, resilience and creativity. Or if ambitious plans are afoot, I might include clear quartz for amplifying intentions. This carefully selected combination of crystals becomes a unique prescription to empower my client's aims and intentions.”

Former UK premiership striker Adebayo Akinfenwa says his crystal grid made all the difference when Wimbledon FC faced a make or break play-off final in 2016. He said: “'I scored the final goal in injury time which won the match – there was definitely a higher power at play. Before this, I had lost three previous play-offs so it was an incredible result! The grid from Crystal & Rox enabled me to go into the match with a clean slate. There's no doubt in my mind that the grid contributed to our success that day.”

Each Crystal & Rox grid is truly bespoke and can be personalised to include a family crest, company logo or favoured symbol. The grid concept has many applications and can be incorporated within inlaid marble dining tables or worktops, as well as in swimming pools, yachts and private jets. The product is exclusively available from Crystal & Rox and is created following a personal consultation with one of their world-renowned crystal experts. 

Bunmi said: “We believe the life-affirming luxury of a bespoke crystal grid is the epitome of innovative wellbeing for our discerning, international clients. The anecdotal results we have received show an increase in wellbeing and positivity which are testament to the power and beauty of a Crystal & Rox grid.”

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