Why You Feel Pants When You Give Up Alcohol?

Been feeling like this for ages?

Ever wondered why you feel pants when you go on the wagon and give up alcohol?  ... it's not what you think.  

Basically in anyone who enjoys a good drink on a regular basis, one of the yeasts in our gut thrives on the sugar in alcohol, so much so that it grows like crazy and stages a bit of a takeover in your gut. When it's digesting the sugar in alcohol it does so by fermenting it ... just like the fermentation process of making beer, wine and bread ... and guess what? ... it produces alcohol itself which goes straight into your bloodstream.... Ever wondered why you get squiffy really quickly these days? ... because your gut is making its own!  WOW!! This is why you often wake up feeling wretched when  you only had 2 or 3.

Anyway, i digress.... when you stop drinking alcohol you suddenly deprive this yeast of its food it dies.  When this particular yeast dies it gives off 78 different toxins into your system ... yikes... this condition has its own name because it makes you feel dreadful. It's called Herxheimer reaction.

Symptoms of the "candida die-off" or Herxheimer reaction, means that you're likely to get some of the following:
- flu-like symptoms of severe aches and pains of your joints and muscles
- chills
- fever - including feel hot all over and night sweats
- tinnitus
- itchy bits down below (both front and back)
- restless legs
- sore throat
- bloating / gas / farting / burping!! ... charming eh?!
- burning sensation in your oesophagus
- depression
- anxiety
- itchy red eyes
- ear infection / feels sticky
- fatigue
- dizziness
- brain fog
- anger
- Inflamed sinuses
- Jock itch/rash / vaginitis / thrush
- fast heart beat
- swollen glands
- headaches, migraine
- mouth thrush or a dry mouth
- upset stomach
- nausea
- itchy scalp
- loss of sleep
- diarrhoea or constipation
- constantly feeling weak and tired

The thing is, that this is similar to candidiasis because when alive,the candida yeast also excretes these toxins as waste products of it's own digestive system (it's a living thing after all) so you are likely to experience some or all of these to a lesser degree, or maybe in waves.

This candida yeast can easily consume your whole body in all sorts of different ways and has been linked to chronic health problems but it would seem that the health professionals rarely make the connection ... I mean let's face it, if you go to your Doctor with a sore throat, you are unlikely to mention loss of sleep, feeling weak and tired, twitchy legs and an itchy bottom especially if you've got brain fog so it's not surprising really!

Candidiasis is a VERY common condition in those who drink alcohol, take antibiotics, eat lots of sugar in whatever guise, hell, it's even prevalent in those will ill-fitting dentures/bridges as the yeasts get into the bloodstream via minute abrasions to your gums that the denture makes and off it goes!

So, now you know, what can you do about it.  Well be prepared for a start.  This article really should help you to be ready for it and to combat the symptoms naturally. Yes, you can go to your doctor and ask them to test you for it and yes you can get pharmaceutical drugs with their associated side-effects if you want to.

Or, you can try the following ... 


Reduce sugar intake - if you can stop it FAB, but if like me you can't, then reduce it as best you can - sugar is an addictive substance after all.

If you've stopped alcohol already - cool - if not, start reducing your intake and wean yourself off it. You can obviously go cold turkey and may be you already have and have felt pants and wondered why. If you need a bit of a helping hand, there are some fab leaflets downloadable in seconds from AA's website (you don't have to be an alcoholic to benefit from their advice); and also hypnosis is wonderful.  You can probably find stuff on YouTube channels such as EFT to give up alcohol to save you money.

Coconut Oil !!!! This is the bestest thing that you can do.  Eat it, apply it where you itch! including eyelids (and it's ok for your bits too but careful cos it is oily and it will make an oily patch on your clothes!).  cook with it, swoosh it around your mouth morning and evening, moisturise yourself with it and simply eat a minimum of 2 tbsp a day - preferably double that morning and evening. It breaks down the candida yeast's protective walls so your immune system can send in the cavalry and deal with it.  .... that's where your immune system comes in and the charcoal sweeps it all out of you. 

Aloe vera is another natural anti-fungal which you can get in various forms - including a drink which is great for the cleansing the gut; apply the gel too to eyelids, face, bits and skin in general to get the benefits.

Knock canned, fizzy drinks on the head.  if you like fizzy, go for sparkling water - add it to fruit juice or something a bit healthier that you can control the sugar levels in such as Elderflower cordial which has its own therapeutic properties :-)  ... yay, now you're getting the hang of it!

Technically avoiding all sugar in all drinks is the ideal but we live in the real world and maybe you can't do this - If you can - great, but do your best as it will help.

Avoid yeast in your food intake - can you replace bread with crackers or oat cakes? Wine and beer is just food for Candida yeast so do the maths!


Take Activated Charcoal tablets / capsules as these grab hold of the toxins and flush them out ... it's fab stuff!

Detox in every way that you can in whichever ways suit you.  Drink water for example; buy and drink detox teas (you can get them in every supermarket now as well as health food stores ... or do your research and get your own herbs that flick your switch and make your own tea.  When I want to detox I use a blend of fennel, dandelion root and burdock root and make a tea out of that.  it actually tastes really nice; so get yourself a teapot and a tea strainer and you're away!  

Sauna's will detox as will anything that makes you sweat including exercise.

You can also use aromatherapy oils to apply to yourself - shop bought or  I made my own using Juniper, lemon, grapefruit and combined with a carrier oil.  Do your research and remember that these are very potent.  

Massage it great for detoxing - any is good as it naturally sweeps toxins out.  Lymphatic drainage is supposed to be fantastic for this - That's my next course which I plan to do at the end of September and so will be qualified to treat clients.  

Once again I digress - Epsom Salt baths draws out toxins, Garlic is awesome for purifying the system.  Milk Thistle is supposed to be great for detoxing the liver; and of course good old lemon is fab for stimulating the liver.  I'm sure you can find many ways of detoxing - so do what you're attracted to.


You MUST boost your immune system during this process as there are toxins flying around your system which could take you down.  This means plenty of Vitamin C in whatever form works for you.  Bare in mind that fruit contains sugars - but personally i would rather eat a bunch of grapes that pop a manufactured Vitamin C supplement ... but whatever flicks your switch.  If you want, need or decide to go for a Vitamin C supplement then great - do it... it will help.  Salads and vegetables are packed with vitamin C and do not feed the yeast as much as soft fruit.  Echinacea is well known to support your immune system too and is used in many natural cold and flu remedies.

Listen to your body - if it wants a particular fruit or vegetable then be nice to it and let it have it.  If it wants a donut then put it on the naughty step until it changes its mind for a stick of celery!

Take probiotics which have lacto and bifido in them ... the good guys who'll help stage a come back!.  Take probiotics in whatever form suits you .... bio-live yoghurts and drinks, supplements from a health food store, etc. etc. Do one, two or every one you want to! DO NOT TAKE WHEN YOU HAVE HOT STUFF IN YOUR TUM AS THIS KILLS THE GOOD GUYS.

Your mind, spirit and body are going through a lot right now and each needs supporting.  Vitamin B will be very important right now too (but NOT in the form of Brewer's yeast) as this supports your nervous system which may get anxious, twitchy, a bit down and somewhat irritable!  Nuts have loads of this in and will give you an alternative to snack on - yum - cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazils, pecan, walnuts ... :-)

Massage, meditation, Reiki, Quantum Touch ... there are loads of loads of therapies out there to help ... or simply relaxing.

This yeast is a living thing and as it's been in charge of your body for a while it is not going to give up easily.  Personally i think that the above system contains good habits to develop and stick with.  But, if you eat a lump of chocolate, take a probiotic too!  The Candida yeast does have its place in our gut but like everything - in moderation.  

Mother Nature provided us with fruits, berries and vegetables to sustain a healthy digestive tract and life.  I guess that drinking "concentrated" fruit juices and loads of sugars in various disguises knocks this off balance as do antibiotics but a "balanced diet" is just that ... balanced.

As a Mind, Spirit & Body Worker I believe in a multi-pronged attack and therefore a multi-pronged resolution ... a wholistic approach .... and every one of us is different, every one of us will react similarly but not the same because our circumstances are unique.  

Work with yourself and make your own solution.  Going to your GP and getting a course of tablets may well be a fast and easy way - or it may not address your problem at all because the conditions are the same.  The cause has not been addressed and so history will repeat itself.  

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