Why Horses Love Polos ...


Ever wondered why horses love polos?... they contain peppermint oils.

Peppermint is known to be very good for digestion, and if you're feeling bloated and uncomfortable after eating, peppermint tea is the perfect way to overcome this. The same rationale applies .. horses are drawn to peppermint oils to help their digestive system. So, all horse lovers know the dangers of colic ... which is essentially indigestion/upset stomach/wind/foods poisoning/etc .... but as horses cannot be sick ie, they cannot vomit, they roll around in pain, get a tangled/twisted gut and this often proves fatal. 

In these amazing temperatures which we are finally delighted to call summer, make sure your horse has more water than usual .. mine is drinking about 40 litres a day ... and be generous with the polos to help them digest whatever they eat as dehydration will make digestion more of a challenge. By the way, mine spits out the sugar free polos .. guess she knows how sweeteners are really nasty but that's another story.... Poles will also help you to smile inside in you find yourself bloated or with indigestion ... whatever mint you feed yourself or your horse, make sure they actually contain peppermint oil rather than flavouring, as flavouring is empty in its effect and will not have the same beneficial results


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