Vinayasa Yoga

I thought I would write about this particular practice of yoga, as it's the one I practice and have come to love on a regular basis.

Believe me, for a fit lady who is used to rowing as a sport , Vinyasa certainly is getting me not only fitter but more supple. With the awareness of breath work right through the practice it certainly brings me into the here and now .

Vinyasa utilises postures and breathing techniques that brings great health benefits to those who practice it, as it encompasses Mind Body and Spirit.

This type of yoga was derived from Hatha yoga but is faster paced. Much emphasis is placed on the breath in and out of asanas (postures).

Generally speaking the upward movement correlates with inhalations and the downward movement exhalations.

The continual movement from one posture to another gives added cardiovascular benefits , increases endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and helps reduce stress. The pace and sequence can vary, nothing is set in stone with Vinyasa. That is why Vinyasa  translates from sanskrit to "variations within parameters" so if one class doesn't suit you find one that you feel comfortable in.

Many Vinyasa classes start with the Sun Salutations, a sequence of one movement flowing into another.The following poses are part of the Dun salutation.

The Mountain pose ( tadassana ), Raised hand pose ( urdhva hastasana ), Standing forward bend ( Uttanasana ), Downward facing dog ( Adho Mukha Svanasana )

Vinayasa Yoga for me is fun and challenging and a great way to work out. Always feel calm and centered. Give it a try if you are considering taking up yoga.

Hope you enjoyed this article

Much love
Bunmi .x

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