The Three Steps of Crystal Healing

Many people ask me how crystals can help heal by giving a person a sense of wellbeing.

My  own experiences of increased health and well being have lead me to writing this as I felt it important to get back to basics and to appreciate how amazing and magical these stones have been for me and many others .

Step 1.

Let’s call the first step the cleansing process. In the first week your crystal is acclimatizing to your energetic field. Let’s go so far as to say this fabulous crystal will match your own energetic matrix to that of our universal energies to facilitate healing. This period of time is where the blockages of energy are removed.

You may experience what you call a healing crisis, issues may come up, physical symptoms of an illness may get worse but in order to resolve these, do not stop wearing the crystal, let it work for you and have faith. It’s so important to see it through to completion.

Throughout this process remember to cleanse your crystal at least once a week and recharge it in the sunlight for  a minimum of 4 hours to really enhance the healing process.

Step 2.

At this stage ( usually three to four weeks ) the crystal energies are now at one with yours, harmonizing yours where needed and integrating the wellness energies day by day.

Mind body and spirit will notice the benefits, feel more alive, more relaxed more positive.

This comes to the fore three to four months later and that is stability.  This occurs after continuous wear and there is no turning back. You may find negative changes when you stop wearing the crystal, this could be after a few days or a week. This means stability may not be complete yet. Sometimes it occurs quickly and sometimes slowly but it will eventually work.

I am a strong believer in the power of intention. If positive you will not believe what you can achieve.This power of intention and commitment to the crystal is a vital part of the healing process.

Lastly, be intuitive with your crystal get to feel what’s right for you, as invariably that is the crystal you need.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Please feel free to comment and share.

Much love Crystal Cups X

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