The Crystal Revolution from Woo Woo to Wow

We are living in the most amazing times. Scientific and technological advances by the day, medical breakthroughs we could never have dreamt become true. 

There has in the leafy suburbs and penthouse boardrooms been a quietly growing crystal revolution, an unprecedented surge in the glorious holistic and complementary therapies.

An ever growing interest in the benefits of the mineral kingdom, the benefits become more apparent as societies quest for inner sanctum. Addressing ones spiritual health for well being is now viewed as a wise investment. If you’re not happy, what good is the Coutts or Amex account and all the trappings and abundances of modern day consumerism?

Article after article appear in the press meriting people’s positive experiences with holistic therapies from crystals to remote yoga retreats. People feel invigorated, restored and refreshed with purpose.  A feeling of unity with the planet, indeed a tree hugging moment! 

Life takes on meaning, inner peace and tranquility bestow their gifts to men and women in their everyday lives. Restoring balance where there was white noise and disharmony. The elite movers and shakers of the financial and political circles in the very highest echelons are some of the strongest advocates. It is seen as an astute move in looking after every aspect of their lives and health which includes spiritual and mental well being. Amazing deals are brokered on the back of inspired balanced beings. Holistic therapies including crystals and retreats are where these powerhouses of industry recharge, our very own David Cameron another advocate.

Celebrities too numerous to mention include Angelina Jolie and the Beckham's enjoy Crystal therapy. They have been known to buy exquisite crystals one famously life sized one rests in their bathroom.

What’s important and I am relieved to see is that the Woo Woo factor of Crystals and their benefits is not seen as Hippy Dippy any more,the new age tag is fading.

The Daily Mails recent spread on the surge in Middle class women opting for alternative crystal therapies for physical and mental well-being is heralding the serious impact these powerful  gems can have on a metaphysical level hence the growth of this market.

So many people are self helping their well-being with semi precious stones, increasing feelings of power and calmness. In aiding public speaking for example , giving up smoking feeling more energetic or easing heavy hearts and minds.

I myself came to believe in the power of crystals through a challenging time in my life and since then they have been a huge blessing to me. I hear and see people passing by talking about their stones that bring them luck, or to help them keep their eye on their goals when they hold their stone of choice.

There is talk of crystals to ward off negative people in their office, or use crystals in the office such as amethyst or tourmaline to help protect against EMF’S from computers.

We live in a hectic world where lives are lived at break neck speed. People are looking for ways to achieve balance in their lives to feel more harmonious with others and at peace with themselves. Crystal energies can help by bringing the bodies energy points and meridians AKA Chakras into balance. Crystals work with you subtle but effective.

Crystals are for every one, for the Mum who wants that little bit of extra energy running around after the kids all day. For the young man who has just split up with his girlfriend and needs a bit of help with self love, or for the nurse after a long shift whose body clock is all over the place and wants to get rest.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you want to give crystals a try always keep an open mind and an open heart.

Bunmi Aboaba

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