The 28 Day Power Cleanse

Getting ready to cleanse

It’s spring time and I've started a 28 Day Power Cleanse

This cleanse involves juices and smoothies with recipes that have been carefully created to give abundant nutrition whilst also cleansing the body.  Pretty much the only reason cells become damaged, apart from external trauma, is through nutritional deficiency or from toxicity.  This cleanse aims to deal with both! It follows that if the cells are healthy then the body that they form must follow suit.

We know that many illnesses are created by poor nutrition.  The body simply does not know how to deal with the junk food, high fat, sugary foods it is given, so it stores the toxins in the fat cells.  It is reckoned that obese people are actually starving; their bodies are deprived of nutrients and crave more food, but all they are given is more sugar and fat which leaves them feeling hungry and so the cycle goes on.

This cleanse floods the body with nutrition whilst also giving it the resources to clean out the toxic fat cells.  The cells respond to the first juice in 20 minutes!  In addition daily support is given to ensure that full benefit is made of the programme. Some of the testimonies so far from those that have already completed the programme have been amazing.

I have a few niggly health problems that I would love to put behind me, so I’m giving it a go and let’s see what happens.

I will be blogging my experiences on the Help Your Cellves website so head on over and see how I’m getting on, and if you have any questions or comments then get in touch via the contact page.  Here’s to a vibrant summer! 

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