Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga for Women in their 40s

If you are looking for a fun way to get fit and are fed up with the gym then you should really go for Yoga.

I have been a very sporty and active lady and, as I get older, I know my joints aren't enjoying the high impact exercises as they used to.

I still love rowing and now I have adopted Yoga discovering incredibly positive benefits

The term “Yoga” comes form the Sanskrit word “Union”.

It's an ancient system of physical and mental exercises to help achieve a stronger bond between the “mindful” self and the “universal spirit” or soul.

What’s great about Yoga is that it is not only a calorie burning exercise but also a precious ally if, like me, suffer from cranky knee joins (an Old Netball injury).

Yoga helps to create strong lean muscles without bulking up. To me, the most striking benefit of all has been my noticeably improved sense of wellbeing; feeling more confident, being able to cope with stressful situations and a general inner sense of peace and harmony.

Yoga improved my clarity, discipline and decision making.

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