Mending the Fractured Soul: Retrieval of Soul Fragments

Mending the Fractured Soul: Retrieval of Soul Fragments

What happens when souls are traumatized by emotional, physical or spiritual pain in current or past lives?  Do souls “feel” the effects of such events?    How do you heal a soul? 

Most accept the reality that there are consequences to emotional, physical and spiritual trauma in one’s current life.  We’ve experienced it ourselves, some of us many times.  Past life pain however, also backwashes into current life causing a repeat performance of negative energy.  Author, Medium and International speaker, Denise Linn says that 85% of soul fracture is from Past Lives and only 15% is a result of current life events.   

When a soul experiences extreme fear, pain, abuse, stress or a series of smaller events that escalate, the reaction is instinctual…soul splinters flee the body to return to the shelter and safety of spirit realm.  These little pieces, known as soul fragments need to be returned for an individual to feel fully integrated.  Retrieving soul fragments produces a sense of healing or wholeness returning the body to a mended state, which can be experienced as physical, emotional or spiritual healing.   The most compelling portion of soul healing is the correlation to current life revealed in the process.  There is always a correlation because those missing pieces continue to need attention, reincarnation after reincarnation until they are fully rebalanced.   

Imagine for a moment that in a past life, a soul was enslaved, humiliated and held back from experiencing the joy of life in body.  Fragments left due to continual abuse.  In current life, that same soul is under the domination of another person and still feels a lack of freedom.  Perhaps the controller is a mother who overly criticizes her adult child or a husband who physically abuses his wife.  The past life scenario is still playing out, still causing upset and discord.  When soul trauma healing is performed, the soul in current body is made stronger, strong enough to cut the ties that bind him or her to domination. 

A souls common reaction to traumatic events is to create disassociation or separation from the experience which results in giving up pieces of light, joy, power, consciousness, love, satisfaction, clarity and other positive feelings that also happen to be associated with the encounter.  A pattern gradually develops creating a greater separation of the soul, a divide that continues into the present and perpetuates into future lives.   

Although soul loss is a coping skill, the parts that left don’t come back on their own.  It is the work of the healer to return those missing pieces to the body to restore equilibrium,

During Soul retrieval work, the healer receives visions of the person’s past life; the life in which the fragments left and the events surrounding the trauma.  Through the guidance of spirit, information is channeled correlating to one’s current life.   Discordant energy is removed, returned to spirit for recycling and missing soul fragments are called back into the body.  The results vary from person to person.  Some say they feel a new sense of lightness of being, some feel more acute mental clarity, while others say they feel more peaceful and calm.   The marvel of soul healing is that it continues long after the procedure is completed, weeks, often months later, individuals feel the remarkable effects of returned soul energy.

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