Massage Can Help Lower Back Pain

Most people associate massage with the occasional trip to a hotel spa on holiday, but there is far more to it than that according to Natasha Gladki, founder of Zen About Town, a new massage and reflexology practice serving Petersfield and the surrounding area.

“The range of health benefits that have been demonstrated is much broader than one might think. Relaxation and the reduction of stress are a given, but reflexology and massage have also been shown to help with physical issues such as neck and back pain, high blood pressure and more generally pain management, as well as psychological issues such as depression, anxiety and poor sleep patterns. I experienced this myself last year when a long-standing back problem cleared up after a program of intensive massage, sparing me the last resort of surgery which I was very keen to avoid. I started Zen About Town because of the difference massage made to my wellbeing – now I hope I can pass that on to others.”

In recent years, scientific research has confirmed many of these benefits. A large-scale study in Seattle in 2011 by epidemiologist Daniel Cherkin found that almost two thirds of people with chronic back pain experienced a significant reduction or total relief from symptoms after 10 weeks of massage therapy. Other studies have found positive effects on immunity, sleep patterns, mental performance and PMS.

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