It’s Never Too Late to Meditate

In this busy hectic world of ours where everything seems to happen at warp speed ,I have come to believe mediation to be profoundly beneficial for health and wellbeing.

I used to smirk when friends of mine who were into meditation would espouse it's advantages.  As a complete philistine I would  scoff at how little time I had to do such a unproductive thing as mediation.. How wrong I was. I Have found meditation as deeply healing. It has brought me calm and peace within stressful situations. Acceptance in areas of my life I cannot control.

It helped me to let go of behaviours that no longer served me (well a lot of them anyway). Last but certainly not least it has helped me to slow down in this fast and furious world . Enough to gain great pleasure in "being" and not so much "doing".

Even in the middle of the work day I will take 15 minutes out to do my meditation and boy is it refreshing and uplifting.

With meditation also came the realization that my dreams and desires will take time to come to fruition, that they wont happen overnight and that's ok.. Being patient and gentle on myself was allowed. Crystalcups is my dream coming to fruition slowly but surely.

Scientist have proved that there is a true biological effect throughout the body as well as the brain with meditation. Adding Yoga to mediation proves a power packed combination for wellbeing .

I won't go into the different types  of mediation out there but there are many to choose from . Have a look  around and see whats best for you.

There are lots of mediation classes out there in one form or other to get you started.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Much love


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