Holistic Reflexology and The Energy Field

How true holistic reflexology works.

When reflexology is combined with energy-healing, which is what happens at Soul touch. What actually happens is the therapist is working on the energy-field otherwise known as the aura.  We  actually have seven different bodies that need to be healed and they are housed within three different dimensions which are:

  • The Spiritual
  • The Astral
  • Physical

The reason why this type of healing is both necessary and Beneficial to the client is because of the trauma and memory held in the energy-field.  Sometimes karmic debt is also carried forward from previous incarnations.  The combination of reflexology and energy healing rebalances the energy-field and the nervous system. This automatically activates the body’s natural healing mechanism.

The physical technique consists of massaging the acupuncture areas that flow up and down the body. This assists the chakra and meridian zone system to heal and to realign. The benefits are that you will have more clarity, feel calmer and generally feel much more relaxed. 

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