Discovering Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Hello! My name is Catherine, and I am an EFT Master Practitioner (UK).  I would like to take you on a voyage of discovery of this fairly recent Technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also known as Tapping.

What is EFT you will ask, and HOW CAN IT HELP ME?

EFT is a therapy based on Acupuncture, Psychology and Kinesiology, and as such is a drug-free therapy.  It is also a Meridian and Energy therapy.

I came upon EFT as an extension of the work I do as a Kinesiologist.  And the next few lines explain how EFT has helped me regain control of my life, and restored my peace.

For many years, my life had been dictated by a phobia of birds, an addiction to cigarettes and Post Traumatic Stress due to the death of my son Andrew.

On reading about EFT and its endless possibilities and applications, I decided to have a session about my fear of birds.  After one hour of working with a qualified EFT Master Practitioner, the fear left me, and I am now able to enjoy nature as I have never done before.  Even the peacocks at Heacham Lavender Centre do not trouble me anymore!!

In view of such a convincing result, I decided to use EFT to quit smoking.  I had tried to stop using patches and other treatments, but nothing worked.  I had one EFT session, again with a qualified EFT Master Practitioner, and at the end of it, I was unconvinced.  How can this therapy work so quickly when all that I had tried previously had failed?  I carried on smoking, but I must admit that the enjoyment had gone.  So, one day, I decided to stop, expecting to have to rely on nicotine replacement patches.  But no, I stopped and needed NO nicotine replacement!  I was amazed!  EFT had done its job in spite of my scepticism!  It was, and is, a wonderful feeling to be free of this addiction.

As I mentioned above, I lost my son Andrew when he was 4 months old.  I felt (and still feel) blessed and grateful to have had the wonderful opportunity to know him even for such a short time.

For years, I had a recurring nightmare involving a baby.  I had never made the connection with Andrew's death.  I just did not know what to do any more. It was ruining my sleep and my life.  So, in view of the amazing results I had previously with EFT, I contacted my Practitioner.  We 'tapped' on what we thought the problem at the root of the nightmare might be (an unresolved feeling of guilt - totally unfounded and irrational).  The result is that, since the session, my nights have been free from this particular dream/nightmare.  I had accepted my son's death and thought I had 'moved on', but obviously I had burried the real emotions.  Now, I am really at peace, and can think of Andrew with love, and not regret.  It is really wonderful.

In brief, EFT, with the help of a preofessional EFT Master Practitioner, has freed me from phobia, addiction and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

EFT CAN HELP YOU TOO!....with all the above problems, but also if you are suffering from any of the following conditions: anxiety, stress, fears, unresolved childhood traumas, lack of self-esteem, exams and driving test, fear of public speaking and many more.

However, I would like to stress that, even though my problems were resolved using one session per problem, in most cases and for more complex and long-standing issues, several sessions are needed.

EFT IS NOT A ONE-SESSION WONDER THERAPY, although sometimes it can be.

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