Crystals for Weight Loss

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I was chomping at the bit to write this article as it covers so many categories; and if you are anything like me, where weight flies on to the old hips in a blink of an eye and while back turned, then this is the article for you.

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With the name Apatite, you would think that this crystal would increase your desire for food but in fact it does quite the opposite. Blue Apatite helps to suppress your appetite so great when you want to maintain a healthy eating plan. It encourages you to eat healthily. I notice when I am hungry that I go for all the wrong foods such as the cakes and the biscuits; I am the kiddy in the sweet shop. Apatite is also good to keep you motivated during your weight loss journey.

Iolite is a great crystal for releasing fatty deposits in the body (check the ever reducing love handles) and it also helps detoxifying the liver. Eureka!

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Amethyst is one of my all time favourites. If I were stuck on a desert Island the one crystal I would take with me is this one :-)
Amethyst helps to reduce addictive cravings and bloating; these can be quite demoralizing especially when one is trying to lose weight and can’t see the affects due to bloating.

Blue lace Agate is your “Just say NO” stone for turning down the little extra mouthful when you are not hungry and just fancy picking.

When you are between meals and your fingers want to do the walking to reach out for the little choccy biccy in the office, Carnelian will help give you that energy boost between meals. So make sure you hand and roll Carnelian between your palms at this time.

You probably have upped your fruit and vegetable intake so, as a result, the amount of fibre consumed has increased. This can sometimes lead to feeling a little bunged up at first until your digestive system gets used to it. Citrine keeps your digestive system functioning properly. Feeling uncomfortable can be quite off putting and cause you to stop your diet.

Goldstone is a wonderful stone to help you stick to your dietary goals. If you are anything like me I will congratulate myself for losing x pounds and celebrate by eating something naughty.

Another favourite of mine, Rose Quartz helps us to be gentle on ourselves; if we haven't lost x pounds, like we thought we would by the end of the week, it's ok because thanks to this stone, we learn to love our body anyway.

I have talked about stones that keep us light of heart and in good spirits. Sunstone will keep you in good spirits when the day has been tough.

Red Tiger's’s a treat to speed up your metabolism so it’s a very good baseline crystal to have.

Again, always have fun with your crystals. Spend a little time with them before hand connecting and cleansing them; give each of them a role to play (as described above). Enjoy the feeling of them in your hands, appreciate their vibrant colours. They really are magical. You can carry crystals around with you. As mentioned before find a lovely bright colourful pouch in which to house them or make one yourself.

Believe it or not, all this carries intention to the Universe; and when you put your intention into something, it makes life and, in this case, dieting so much easier.

You can choose the crystal you need for that particular function and roll it around in your hands.  It’s also a great idea to carry on the good work by placing the pouch of crystals under your pillow. You may only want to choose one or two; just go with your intuition.

Hopping into a bath with your crystals is also an excellent way of getting the benefits. Go on, get the candles on, lovely bath oils and soak away. This will definitely make you feel so good and that’s what it is all about.

Crystals are not a replacement for a balanced dieting, they are complementary.

Keep them out of reach of children. Put them in a safe place.

Always cleanse your crystals after use. Place them in the sunlight/moonlight to re-energize.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share, like and leave a comment.



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