Crystals for Menopause by Bunmi Aboaba

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Menopause is an emotional topic on many levels for women; the end of child bearing, onset of middle age and a multitude of other thoughts that race through our heads. This article could be equally useful for women approaching menopause and for those who have undergone a hysterectomy.

70% of women are affected by the symptoms of menopause caused by changing in the hormonal levels in the reproductive system. It's common for women in their 40s to experience peri-menopausal symptoms which can last up until their mid 50s.

Most common symptoms are night sweats, loss of libido and irregular periods. When dealing with menopause symptoms, it's important to get a good sense of perspective and this is where our lovely crystal friends can help.

Lapis Lazuli is a great crystal to have with you during this time as it helps with the transition both physically and mentally; after all we want this journey to go as smooth as possible.

Along with Lapis use, Amethyst (part of the Crystalcups selection) works greatly for Insomnia. Make sure to place it under your pillow.

Menopause may also lower your feelings of self worth and Rose Quartz will give you that extra delicious bit of self love you need during this important time of your life.

Moonstone, one of the stones in the Crystalcups collection, can help relieve stress during menopause and is one of the best stones to have to hand. Moonstone also balances hormonal cycles and it’s great during menstruation.

One of the worst symptoms of menopause (or, as some women call it, ‘the change’) is hot flashes. This can be upsetting as it can occur unexpectedly at any time. Hot flashes disturb sleep and cause embarrassment as it can happen during the day, at work, or around people. These “power surges” could be great in the winter but not in the summer. When experiencing “power surges”, make sure you cool down the body with Lithium or Lepidolite. You can keep this wonderful stone under your pillow at night to prevent hot sweats. It would also be a fabulous idea to wear Lithium or Lepidolite as earrings as hot sweats can occur around the neck region.

As I mentioned before, having fun with your crystals during any type of stone healing therapy helps you to embrace whatever circumstance you are facing with a light heart. Hold them and play with them as much as you like; or, why not, make a bracelet and several necklaces with the appropriate stones. Remember a light heart brings positive changes happen more quickly.

During menopause, it would be a great idea to keep a piece of Citrine in your pocket. Citrine balances the yin and yang and it also aids digestion.

Carnelian is another little gem, which is part of the Crystalcups collection and is also very useful during menopause. With your reproductive system going through huge changes, Carnelian is a powerful ally; this wonderful stone can help to clear, cleanse and balance the sacral Chakras by emitting healing energies. If you are feeling down in the dumps with it all, then Carnelian is your BFF :-) as it is energizing and motivating.

Place a stone in your pocket or in a pouch with the other balancing stones.

Smoky quartz is a wonderful grounding crystal and, again, is great for menopause. It helps ground with earth energies and root chakra; so power surges are absorbed and transmuted.

Snowflake Obsidian brings comfort and balance to body, mind and spirit.

Do you get restless legs at night? Then Chrysoprase will help those dancing feet under the duvet.

One of the worst symptoms of menopause is mood swings which can come from nowhere and be very upsetting. If you get them, take a look at purchasing Opalite or Turquoise. These are useful stones to have available for anxiety, panic attacks and mood swings. 

Sometimes it's hard to concentrate during hormonal imbalances; you may feel all over the place, so take comfort by holding Clear Quartz when you want to make ‘crystal’ clear decisions.

Always remember that “this too shall pass”, it won't last for ever. Menopause is simply a transition to the next happy and exciting phase of your life.

Image Copyright: longhairbroad

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