Crystal Essences

I have always been more than a little curious on how exactly crystal essences work. Loving all things crystal, I purchased a bottle of essence to learn more about its effects. Please have a look at my review below.

Crystal Essences are known as ‘vibrational’ or ‘energy medicines’. They harness the piezoelectric qualities of crystals, minerals and gemstones. Piezoelectricity is the charge that accumulates within solid materials, crystals included, when they are compressed or distorted.

Piezoelectricity comes from the Greek word, Piezo, and it means push.

Crystal energy has been harnessed for the use of crystals to power our watches, computers and many other pieces of equipment. When people ask me why I believe in the power of crystals I point them in the direction of their astounding properties in driving so much of our devices (as described above) today.

Crystals hold a very stable crystalline structure and an equally stable message or vibration; and so do crystal essences.

When the Mind Body, Spirit and emotion of a person is in flux then it makes perfect sense to bring in an energy medicine that brings in stability.

These piezoelectric energies have the ability to tap into the physical and subtle bodies of the person bringing to the surface unwanted and unconscious patterns of behaviours for change.

Crystals help to stabilise the Etheric body (what sometimes we call ‘aura’ or ‘soul’) of a person; this affects the physical body and thus brings positive changes from within.

There are so many different uses for essences and they are all worth a try if needed.

If you are feeling stressed there are many rescue remedies. There are remedies for weight issues; self acceptance; abundance; immune boosting; detoxifying; cravings; concentration; mediation; and issues around relationships.

There are essences for all the Chakras too.

In the busy, highly stressful and anxious world we live in, Crystal essences are a great complement to any other energy or healing work.

The one I tried out was the Abundance Essence.

I chose this one as I am working hard on my new business and I must say I was left in no doubt that it worked on a subtle level.

From the very first day of using it there was more synchronicity in meeting the right business contacts.

The essence helped ease any nagging worries and doubts which one would normally have with a business, especially a new one.

I felt loved, supported and deserving of abundance in all its forms.

Abundance Essence definitely worked for me and I will definitely give it another try when I am in need.

There are many ways to use essences. You can place a few drops on your tongue or pop a few drops in water to drink throughout the day. You could even have a few drops in your bath water, pulse points or chakras.

Please consult an Energy Healer to make sure you know how to use essences on your most important issues.

Do not make your own crystal essences without guidance from an expert in the field.

I hope you enjoyed this article and please feel free to comment or pass on.


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