I love the description of chakras as energy hot spots. Like blood flowing through arteries and veins, energy also flows through certain pathways in the body called meridians.  

Where these energy pathways cross there is a concentrated power and this area is called the Chakra or in the Indian tradition the Nadis.

The other major part of the bodies  energy system is the Aura. This is the etheric energy field around the body. Most people cant see it but you can feel another's aura.

Energy emanates from the the chakras into the aura and back through the chakras to your body. This gives you a psychic sense of your surroundings .

You can affect the flow of this energy by concentrating your mind with crystals colors and fragrances.

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or circle. To any one who can see them they look like spinning balls and wheels of light.

In eastern tradition there are seven chakras in the energy system. I will be describing the chakras in upcoming articles.

Each chakras  as associated with an area of the body. The chakras are numbered from the first chakra , which is the base chakra, up to the seventh chakra at the crown.

The chakras create a pathway of spinning energy  hot spots along the axis of the body. Chakras can go in and out of balance, fluctuating with the every day highs and lows.

All kinds of things can change the equilibrium of the chakra system. Stresses of life, anxiety, emotions,and even your thoughts can do this. Its a very finely tuned system.

Therefore your energy and your chakras are infleunced by everything you do. When you are feeling anxious or unwell or not folowing your path in life, your chakras may shift way out of alignment.

The following diagram shows where the chakras are situated.1. The base Chakra is at the spine.2 Sacral is just below the navel .3 solar plexus just behind the soft cartilage. 4 the heart , centre of the chest. 5 The throat ,centre of the throat. 6 The brow , centre of the forehead. 7. The crown, top of the head.

There are crystals associated with healing the each chakra and crystals that heal all chakras at once.

Yoga is also very good for clearing the chakras. There are many positions that are very effective.

I hope you enjoyed this article .

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Much love and light


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