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Celebrities are known for being extravagant and taking hazardous style choices. It’s easy to find them going for the next crazy fashion trend or being chased by the paparazzi after another wild night out.

However, when it comes to holistic therapies, celebrities could be the best ambassadors ever. Why?

Well, they have an extraordinary number of followers, supporters and fans. If they have lunch somewhere, you will see it on their Twitter. Whatever they do is instantly frozen on social networks; if they buy a new car, we know. If they change boyfriends, we know. And, yes, if by any chance, they are crystal fans, we know that too.

Last week I had a look at the crystal-celebrity relationship and found out that…

Angelina is a healing stone believer

If you are a big fan of the ‘Brangelina’ world, you won’t be surprised to find out that Angelina Jolie is actually a crystal believer. According to American online magazine Entertainmentwise.com, Angelina believes in the power of healing crystals and has been collecting different ones for years.

Always according to Entertainmentwise.com, a friend of Ms Jolie admitted:

“She believes they [crystals] hold sacred, ancient energy and [she] wants that around her. She’s spent hundreds and thousands of pounds on them.”

Sheryl Crow loves Citrine

Musician Sheryl Crow is a great supporter of healing crystals and Citrine is one of her favourite ones. According to Crystalcups’ founder Bunmi Aboaba, Citrine is a ‘cheerful stone’ and it’s ideal for releasing tension; no wonder Ms Crow loves it (Bunmi’s post Crystals for First Aid is available on our website).

Kate Hudson is a big fan of Rose Quartz

Beautiful actress Kate Hudson is a big fan of Rose Quartz. This beautiful stone heals emotional upsets and promotes ‘self love’.

According to zenjewelz.com, Kate said: “I have a crystal my mom gave me for Christmas years ago and I take it everywhere with me. She’s really into energy and stones. It’s Rose Quartz, and heart-shaped and it represents love.”

Victoria and David Beckham prefer Black Tourmaline

Always according to zenjewelz.com, Victoria and David Beckham strongly believe in the power of healing crystals. “We’ve both been into crystals since moving to LA,” said David while Victoria elaborated, ‘‘we both like crystals, as in crystal energy. I have lots of Pink Quartz and Black Tourmaline in my bathroom. It’s quite spiritual out here in Los Angeles, all very positive.”

Black Tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone and it dispels negative and destructive energies.

Richard Gere loves Sodalite

Actor Richard Gere is a big fan of Sodalite. This healing crystal is great for spiritual perception and it also eliminates mental confusion.

We learn about celebrities and their love for crystals. Now it’s your turn.

What’s your favourite crystal and why? Make sure you leave a comment in the comment box below and feel free to SHARE, TWEET, RETWEET & LIKE all our contents.

Image Copyright: Gage Skidmore

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