A Time of Transition: From Winter to Spring

For many of us, the winter season is a natural time of rest, reflection, and an overall slower pace. This becomes even more apparent after the holidays are over. The days are shorter, as the light available to us from the sun is lessened in duration. With the cold temperatures and the long, dark nights we often want to take refuge in our warm homes and find a quiet space in which we can arrive at personal renewal after the rush and pressures of the previous three seasons. Winter is truly a season of preparation.

For me personally, winter is a time of gazing within the self and looking to see what lies dormant but might flourish anew in the spring. It is also a time to look at what is attempting to pass away and shed from my life as well in a more external sense.

Then there is the time of in between, a time of transition when it is still winter and yet we can smell on fresh breezes the arrival of spring, especially on warmer days when damp earth gives off that undeniable scent of new life. We can sense spring and within us something begins to stir.

It is important to acknowledge our natural ties to the earth as our home and to honor our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual needs to be in harmony with the seasons of our native lands.  Our own sense of personal wellness, proper space, and of biological time depends on it. It is also important to honor and work through the natural patterns of transition that emerge in our lives. The time from winter to spring is a major turning point, just as the time from summer to autumn causes us to pause and take stock as we know colder days and longer night will soon be upon us. However, from winter to spring is a time of moving from rest and preparation to actually becoming active and working towards our goals.  The days are warmer and the light is stronger.

In nature the plants and animals come about this transition beautifully, chaotically, and perfectly. Starting in February where in live many animals begin their breeding cycles, some buds and greens are starting to take the chance and emerge, and there are balmy days when cardinals will sing in the sunlight and I can almost feel the wormy earth come alive with excitement. In many different places groundhogs are even coaxed from their dens to tell us if we can expect spring soon or if we should prepare for several more weeks of winter, a tradition that shows just how anxious we are to press ahead. The world is active again. There is growth and foraging and new life to create and then birth. Goals give way to activity and implementation in an unfolding that is as old as any primal dance imaginable.

Take the time to think on what you would like to birth anew as you move forward from the rest and preparation of winter to the activity and implementation of spring. What has passed away in your life to make room for the new and beautiful about to be born? What is it you would like to start manifesting in the spring season? What seeds would you like to plant in your own life that you could then begin harvesting in late summer and early autumn time? It is always prudent to think on these issues in the present moment, for you know what they say about time… it flies, especially in transition.

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