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Posted 04/03/2022 in Category 1 by Golden Goddess

Soulmate Relationships

Soulmate Relationships

When we first connect with a soul who we feel a pull towards as a divine counterpart, it can be a complicated process coming into Sacred Union. Often much has to be unravelled and healed at both ends and the time this takes will depend on the depth of trauma wounds and levels of ancestral toxicity that are being released. Other often overlooked factors are subtle oppressive structures and false programmings that may be in place from previous incarnations, alongside veils and implants effecting pineal gland functionality. It must also not be ignored that there are non malevolent souls on the planet who are against such unions coming together. In my work I address all of these factors and more with those who are seeking help in this area.

As two souls get closer to coming together in the 3D, traumas around previous relationships will come to the surface to be addressed and healed, along with the deeper behavioural patterns associated with one to one connections. Often karmic soulmates can still be hooked into the energy field of one or both parties and try to sabotage the union coming together. These can be previous romantic partners, family members, friends or colleagues. In short the universe tests how committed you are to entering a sacred union versus remaining stuck in old comfort zone paradigms that hinder soul growth. 

Shame, guilt and fear are all shadow aspects that raise their ugly heads to be faced and integrated into a higher form of consciousness within us. In the case of those who have missed an opportunity with a soulmate for sacred union, perhaps by not recognising its value at the time or simply choosing to settle for less, there is a need to recognise that life must be lived and seized in the present moment. In other words we must not be complacent when a gift is before us. It is a similar energy to those who overwork for years neglecting their families and health, saving for a "rainy day". Often that day really lives up to its name as the divorce papers arrive, the job gets taken away and disease sets in. We are faced with whatever is necessary to get us out of suffering and onto our true soul path of love, joy and abundance. 

Of course second chances are always possible, especially in sacred union connections because the other person concerned will ideally understand that this was simply part of the journey of coming together. For them this is an opportunity to surrender their ego and exercise forgiveness with discernment. When we take the opportunity to dig deeper into our hearts, opening them further, we can heal some serious ancestral and global traumas. This takes immense strength and commitment to the evolution of humanity. It is less about the personal dynamic and more about seeing the bigger picture. This is the Leo and Aquarian axis of energy merging together in harmony. When we combine this with the Taurus and Scorpio axis of abundance and death and rebirth, we create the whole. 

If you would like to work with me in preparing for Sacred Union then send me an email via the website contact form.

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