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Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

Me and the moon.

The Moon and me….

aaaah, one of my favorite relationships, yet also one of the most challenging.

That was until I truly acknowledged that my beautiful moon (the one that followed me everywhere as a child) was always trying to communicate her messages.

I begin to learn more about some of the simple Full Moon Rituals I can practice that will help me feel less stressed and overwhelmed at this time.

Previously, each Full Moon would come around and I would experience the same patterns of angst, overwhelm and inability to sleep or concentrate. All combined with feeling tired and confused.

The craziness I have felt previously on the build up, coupled with intense emotions as I would play out my worst habits, my pain, my insecurities.

My mother moon could not bare it, and yet she does, with her silver wisdom and grace, she  has handed me the tools to transform such powerful emotions.

The brightness that she shines as she becomes full is a message to us all, she illuminates our darkest pain, and allows us this opportunity to bring it to her light, to examine how we can truly transform it all. Let the alchemy begin.

There is no better time than a Full Moon to draw upon all of the elements and work with them to assist for a more enlightened experience of life.

So, if the thought of a Full Moon Ritual is new to you perhaps under this winter Snow Moon you will have a perfect opportunity to bring some of these things together.

Set The Scene – A Simple Full Moon Bath

Take some time out away from any disturbances.

Begin by cleaning the bath using either vinegar or an essential oil mix.

Light some incense to purify.

Add to this by lighting candles.

Select some crystals to bring in the element of earth, and consider the properties the crystals carry.

Some of the best Crystals to work with over a Full Moon are:


Clear Quartz


Rose Quartz


And, last but not least Moonstone

Add Epsom Salts to your bath to enhance your cleanse

If you do like to listen to either a meditation, or music please ensure they are soothing and played at a relaxed volume.

Earth –  Crystals

Air – Incense

Water – Epsom Salts,  A glass of  Water to sip and appreciate

Fire – Candles,

You may wish to have a pen and paper nearby to journal what comes up for you after you come out of your relaxed bathe.

You may then wish to burn whatever you choose to release.

This blog goes out to anyone who finds any pain in these moments.

It tormented me for years.

I now see the time of Full Moon as a blessing, and a beautiful time to release.

Please believe that everything is OK.

You are heard, understood, and recognised by something so much bigger than we “see” in our 3d ways.

With much love I wish you all a beautiful Full Snow Moon 2020.