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Posted 19/03/2022 in Category 1 by Unique Kinesiology

Full Moon in Virgo on 18th March 2022

Full Moon in Virgo on 18th March 2022

Full Moon in Virgo ( Sun in Pisces )  18th March 2022



As I am writing we have just passed through the Full Moon time see chart above, yesterday.  However we are still in the energy of the full moon as is evidenced by the sky and the beauty of this Full Moon.    

You can see from the pictorial chart that the Moon is standing out on her own if you like, in Virgo.   The Crescent Moon symbol for the Moon in an astrological chart is in this case looking like she is the handle of an umbrella.  All the other planets are bunched up at the other end of the chart.

For me it felt over the last few days, notwithstanding all the horrors of war and the aftermath of the pandemic, as though my mind was trying to assimilate a whole lot of information and stay grounded while a myriad of ideas and fruition statements were coming in thick and fast from the emotional effects of the last 2 years.   

With a bunching of planets in Pisces, the Sun, Neptune, Jupiter (Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces and Neptune the modern ruler) together with Mercury – there is no doubt that it is an emotional time, while all these planets are in Water.  The feeling is, however, that it is ducks in a row for Dreaming and Soul searching for inspiration, intuition and new ideas appearing from the depths of the unconscious for good.    Also, there is every chance that our dreams will be poignant and full of symbols, therefore an important time for journaling.  Look out for literal symbols in dreams.  

A note of caution is also important with Neptune in the mix, in other words look out for foggy thinking, smokescreens,  sleight of hand and wolves in sheep’s clothing !  Lies and insecurities are slopping about in the Piscean waters.    We can see that in the myriad of false information just out in the collective,  however, this false information could be part of our own download narrative as well, in other words we are not immune to our own bypassing.      We can see talk of scammers and predators of all kinds in the war zone at the moment.   The Moon references the people in this Full Moon chart in Virgo, therefore very important to stay grounded while praying and offering help and compassion where we can,  as we move forward into the energy of the Equinox.    Group work is good and packs a punch.   

The Moon in Virgo also points to the Harvest, in our own lives but also for the planet, literally with so much out there with regard to grain and food supplies.  Can we put energy into growing in a collective sense and the importance of getting back to nature and planting crops to feed us all.   

Uranus on the Ascendant in Taurus is asking us to get radical and connect to the Earth element.   Uranus on the Ascendant connecting to Mars, Venus and Saturn in Aquarius (as the Ruler of Aquarius) also point to the effects of trauma on the body, emotionally, spiritually and physically, and this needs a radical healing approach for those clearly in the war zones around the world but also for those still reeling from the pandemic and those in the eye of the storm of climate change.  

This is going to be different for everyone depending on where the Full Moon lands in your own natal chart.  

BUT Jupiter and Neptune brings HOPE in the sign of Pisces, time to put our collective genius together to dream BIG.  


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